Paired U-shaped double vibrators provide fun for both parties


Sometimes you still think that sex toys are for people without a partner. In the modern world, this view has no place, because the use of sex toys has been much more extensive. Their main task is to bring happiness to people! Everyone deserves happiness. This is an integral part of happiness for all of us. Sex toys are a good helper for single-player games and having sex with your partner. They help to gain new sensations, develop sexiness, enhance orgasm, and even improve private health! The vibrator does prove that the most interesting thing is to use the toy with your loved one.


The U-shaped vibrator stimulates the clitoris and G zone at the same time, and can be combined with vaginal penetration.


One end of the U-shaped vibrator is inserted into the vagina, and the other end is left outside the labia. The interior is flat enough not to interfere with the addition of the dick partner. This toy can activate and diversify your senses. Just choose your favorite mode, vibration and posture. In the most advanced models, you can use the app on your phone to control the motors of each component separately. This creates a personalized and most enjoyable combination of modes. For example, in the vagina part of the toy, you can set the vibration mode to the rhythm of the music sounded in the room, and the clitoris will receive vibrations of different intensities according to the volume of the sounds of both parties. Or you can choose any other mode combination,


For some couples, this toy is a real challenge! She rarely gives anyone the greatest pleasure the first time. Not only have to get used to using it, but also find the most comfortable posture and pleasant vibration pattern, while continuing to communicate with your partner. This toy promotes communication and encourages partners to talk more about their feelings, thus cohesively together emotionally, and helps to better coordinate actions. However, if open communication is not the strength of both parties, this can be challenging. For fun and general relationships-worth a try!


In some models, the bending angle of the toy can be changed in two places. Due to the changes in the shape of the toy, the combination of various postures and modes, this provides an infinite combination of feelings. It's definitely not boring!


In addition, with or without a partner, these U-shaped vibrators can act as multifunctional vibrators when sexual intercourse is not taking place because they can provide stimulation in two places at the same time. If the model is connected to an app in the phone, the partner can even control the toy from the other end.


This U-shaped vibrator can be controlled using the toy’s own buttons, remote control, or mobile application. The mobile app will give you the opportunity to enjoy all possible vibration patterns and their combinations, and allow you to create your own unique music.


The best material for this toy is of course silicone. It is worthwhile to use only water-based lubricants in toys, which provide the necessary sliding without damaging the material of the toy. For this kind of toy, it may be necessary to add lubricant from time to time to avoid the unpleasant feeling of friction due to dryness. It is recommended that you choose a thicker lubricant that will not lose and keep sliding for a longer time.