Orgasm: how to speed it up


I lost my virginity when I was 18. And it was not a great story with a great ending. In fact, I didn't feel anything. And then there was no pleasure for several more years. I had to study for a long time to receive pleasure, and after many years I know the peculiarities of this path.


Dreams and reality


As a young girl, I thought sex was magical. It seemed to me that orgasms are easy, and they will definitely come, you just have to have sexual intercourse. It was only important for me to find the person with whom it would be really interesting. But everything turned out to be quite different. The foreplay was fascinating, the kisses and hugs were exciting, the sex seemed like something strange and did not cause any emotions.


If it didn't work right away, then you need to try again. But the attempts did not end with anything. There was no sensation. To fix everything, I decided to change the man. It so happened that I went through more than a dozen, but there were no more emotions. Neither oral sex, nor anal sex, nor experiments with places and positions saved. Once, in search of new sensations, I even had sex on the railing of the 5th floor. Today I understand that the risk was unjustified, but then I still wanted to feel the beauty of such a desired sensation, so there was no doubt about the correctness of the actions.


My first orgasm happened 3 years after the first experiment. And it turned out that everything is very simple. And much less effort could have been made to learn how to experience pleasure. And by the way, according to statistics, more than 50% of women do not experience pleasure from sex in the first 2 years of sexual activity.


How to get an orgasm fast


Orgasm is the sensation of the body. It's very strongly associated with emotions, not brains. And if thoughts about something appear in the process, it is very difficult to get pleasure. It is necessary to completely exclude such ideas: how I look, what if he does not love me, and what he thinks of me, etc. You should not think about work, study and other problems. To avoid these thoughts, you need to choose the right man and circumstances. Do not have erotic evenings in the midst of a session. Only then will sex save you from fatigue and distract you from troubles; at the initial stage, the attitude is very important.


You need to know what you like. Not a single man can fully understand in half an hour what you feel, what exactly you need. Therefore, you must first study it yourself. The main secret here is masturbation. And there are a lot of girls who have never done this: some were forbidden by their mothers, others - their own moral considerations. But if this is not done, then how to understand what actions are necessary to achieve orgasm?


The first masturbation can be a problem too. If there are no orgasms from your own fingers, or this process does not seem very exciting, you should look for a way out in sex shops. First you need to buy a clitoral vibrator... It is worth choosing a small model with different operating speeds. The more modes, the more interesting. You need to use by applying to different parts of the body. It is important to find out if the nipples, thighs, abdomen are sensitive. Then you can apply it to the clitoris. This little thing helps very quickly, and if it worked out with her, then everything will work out with a man.


A toy, too, may not immediately deliver the highest bliss, but it is important to notice pleasant moments and pay attention to them. Each time they will be brighter and brighter, and one day an orgasm will surely come.


Pleasure with a man


If a woman enjoys being alone with herself, then everything can easily work out with a partner. It's easier to start with clitoral orgasms. And it is more convenient to reach them from oral sex. Ask a man to do cunnilingus, but it is important that he has enough patience and does not stop in the middle of the path.


In the process of his caresses, the vaginal muscles will be strained. His movements will lead to compression, at this moment it is important to relax this area. Involuntarily, it will strain again, again it is worth removing the stress by willpower. Each subsequent compression will occur faster, it is important to remove this feeling. It is worth doing several times, and an orgasm will come.


It is vaginal compression that is a sign of an approaching orgasm. And in the process of peak pleasure, there is a rapid change of tension and relaxation. If you start to do it slowly at first, then the body "learns", and then it will do it automatically.


You can enhance the sensations by introducing fingers or some kind of toy into the bosom. In this case, vaginal balls are ideal . The feeling of fullness increases excitement, makes it possible to feel more and more clearly.


Together with toys


The problem in getting an orgasm may be in the wrong actions of the partner. When striving for pleasure, it is important to maintain a certain rhythm and not get lost. If a man cannot do this, take your favorite toy with you to bed. The clitoral stimulator can be used even during vaginal sex. To control the process, it is worth using the pose of a horsewoman.


Sometimes it is worth trying to combine a toy and his fingers. And do not be embarrassed, if a man is really interested in the sensations of a woman, he will never refuse such an experiment. But it is important at the same time to give him hints, to say what is happening right and what is not.


And to get an orgasm, it is important to monitor your feelings and feelings. It is important to record what exactly causes the most arousal, which positions you like and which ones you don't. As a result, a set of specific things that can give the greatest pleasure will be formed in the head, and their combination will help to achieve orgasms faster. These are kind of "buttons", by pressing which, you can make everything more simple, but bright. Each woman has her own, and it is worth studying them, so that later she will never feel disappointed in intimacy.