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Oral Sex Lubricants


Oral Sex Lubricants


In oral sex, the most common problem is: a woman cannot stand the smell of secretions during arousal or ejaculation, as well as the taste of semen. Also, a situation may arise that a loved one complains about the taste of your nectar, or just would like to diversify the taste sensations. In any case, this is perfectly possible with oral sex lubricants.


Oral sex lubricants are jelly-like gels and lotions that contain special flavours and flavours. Oral sex lubricants are mostly water-based, so they are ideal as lubricants and moisturizers, but most importantly, they are edible and completely harmless. They can also be used for massage, as they do not leave marks on the laundry and are easy to rinse off.


Oral lubricants may contain the following flavouring components:


  • Strawberry wild-strawberry


Lubricants with a delicate ripe strawberry or strawberry flavour


  • wild Cherry


Wild cherry-flavoured lubricants will awaken wild passion and violent desire


  • Peach


Peach flavoured lubricants for a gentle and sensual night


  • Cinnamon


Cinnamon-flavoured lubricants, in addition to fulfilling their main function, also have a warming and aphrodisiac effect.


  • Raspberries


Oral lubricants flavoured with juicy raspberries will help you to relax and decide on delicious and sweet sex


  • Vanilla


A sensual vanilla scent that will take you into a world of pleasure and passion


Instructions for use.


Before purchasing a lubricant, check its composition for ingredients that may cause you an allergic reaction, as flavoured and scented lubricants should be used by people who are not prone to allergies.


You cannot use lubricants for oral sex that are not intended for this.


Before or during intimacy, you need to apply a small amount of oral lubricant to the genital area of ​​a man or woman and enjoy delicious sex.


Interesting experiments.


It is known that the taste of male and female secretions can be changed by introducing different foods into the diet, for example:


For men


  • Protein-rich foods give semen a butter-like taste.


  • Beer, heavy alcohol, spicy foods make semen taste bitter.


  • Cigarettes impart a salty flavour.


  • Sweets and fruits (especially pineapples) make it sweet and enjoyable.


  • Dairy products give a pleasant sourness.


For women


  • Fruits add a fresh sensation.


  • Eating cinnamon and vanilla will add exquisite delicate flavour.


  • Harmful food (fatty, salty, spicy), as well as bad habits (smoking, alcohol), give an unpleasant smell to female nectar.


Experiment, amaze and have fun! Good sex is the foundation of a harmonious and successful relationship.

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