Oral lubricant. Is it necessary to use it and is it safe?

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Of course, it will not come as a surprise that someone will say that oral lubrication is at least not so necessary, but as a maximum excess. But at the same time, there are those for whom such innovation in intimate life will cause genuine interest and even a certain delight. Indeed, in everything new, there is a mystical component capable of awakening the acuity of sensations and delivering previously unknown pleasure.


For many, oral sex lubricant is exactly what they always wanted to try, however, they may not even have heard of its existence, and the understanding of lubricant was directly related to vaginal or anal sex. But since this exists, then certainly you should not limit yourself in the possibilities and enjoyment of intimacy. At the same time, for some, it can serve as a reason to enjoy oral sex, since, before that, they had some barrier associated with the hygiene or health safety of such sex. Be that as it may - how many people, so many opinions, but the truth is always the same. In this case, it is that oral lubrication will help you experience the whole gamut of feelings and new pleasures, who have not experienced the like before. Now, let's look at all this in more detail and order.


Taste sweet instead of ...


Let's say you and your partner are ardent fans of this kind of sex, and in general, variety is your credo. Then we are sure that you were faced with that certain feeling of discomfort when, after intercourse, you started oral sex. We doubt that each of you got really great pleasure from the fact that a foreign taste appeared in the mouth from the lubricant used before. Of course, everything has its direct purpose, and its task was only to provide an easy introduction and excellent sliding.


Oral lubrication, on the other hand, sets the top priority to make sex in the literal sense "tasty" and interesting. Of course, it can also be used in many ways, but nothing replaces the brightness of the paints it delivers. With its application, you can, without a drop of hesitation, or hesitation, make castling during sex, in which everyone will experience an only pleasure. But that's not all. Those partners who use such lubricants unanimously say that you want to have oral sex more and more with them. And as a result, the receiving party receives many times more pleasant and pleasant moments from intimacy.




This factor naturally affects people who are somewhat squeamish or very concerned about their intimate health. Some people worry that the natural and unacceptable absence of a condom, in this case, can serve as the transmission of infections, while others cannot imagine that, indeed, lubricant for oral sex can be edible. In both cases, such suspicions have a right to exist, therefore, it is worth looking into.


Indeed, unprotected oral sex can serve as the transmission of some STDs, and somewhere else, you can even find special latex pads or recommendations for their use. The basic principle is the same, only you need to hold them with your hands and “enjoy” the taste of rubber. However, they are so impractical, not comfortable, and generally spoil the impression that, perhaps, they have practically disappeared. But a certain oral lubricant has a range of natural or synthetic antiseptics capable of destroying most known bacteria or microbes. And if you add taste and aroma to this, then you can not limit yourself, breathe deeply, and engage in your favourite type of sex.


Those who see in "edibility", a kind of catch, and consider it nothing more than a marketing ploy that does more harm than good, are fundamentally mistaken. All components, without exception, included in such lubricants are absolutely safe for health. Since each such product undergoes numerous clinical trials and certifications. Moreover, none of the giants of the sex industry would spoil their reputation with dubious products. It is obvious!




Since lubricant for oral sex naturally and obvious reasons is distributed not only along with the genitals but also in the intimate area around them, you should remember another positive point of its use. This is skincare. Yes Yes! Moreover, the most delicate and careful. In its composition, you can often find an extract of aloe, chamomile and other extracts of plant origin. It goes without saying that, firstly, they are of course edible, and secondly, their healing properties have been known for thousands of years! Therefore, such an opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant, in no case should be ignored, but on the contrary, serve as an impetus for action!


As a result, it turns out that oral lubrication is much more than one could even imagine. Not to mention the fact that it can be used for massage, which is what experienced lovers use. And also, for example, it can be applied to the erogenous parts of the partner's body, and then licked off, thus giving him simply heavenly pleasure. Moreover, it will be pleasant to both, and not only physically but also emotionally, since no one cancelled the diversity and originality. We are sure that this version of the foreplay will be the most memorable and effective, but your desire to become a pioneer will grow exponentially.


Moreover, in our sex shop, the lubricant for oral sex is presented for every taste and colour. And you can pick up exactly the scent for which you feel a special weakness. Moreover, some of them can play the role of an aphrodisiac, which will undoubtedly lead and delight even more. But best of all, it will be to choose such a lubricant with a partner. This process will allow you to bring you closer together and learn new things about each other and feel better. And as you know, it directly affects the quality of sex, along with experience and dedication. Delicious sex!