Multiple orgasms

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Sex toys for multiple orgasm


Multiple orgasm is a series of pleasure that can last for a long time. You can consistently reach the top three, five or even ten times. How to get pleasure like this, how to learn to experience such things? There are some simple rules and special sex toys that will help you with this.


Features of multiple orgasm


Most often, multiple orgasm occurs when stimulating not one, but several points on a woman's body. For example, simultaneous fondling of the clitoris and the G-spot can cause such an effect, stimulation of the vaginal opening and G-spot, anus and clitoris, and other options. How it works? Women get their first orgasm, but at the same time, the impact on one of the zones continues. For example, after orgasm, the clitoris becomes hypersensitive, touching can even cause pain, which means you should not touch this place, but you can continue to caress the front wall of the vagina, and then the excitement will not subside, but will continue to increase. You may need to touch the anus or chest, everything is individual here. But the main thing is that there are two points, and after the first orgasm you need to continue to act, but using already one place.


It is important to maintain a given rhythm or speed up a little. There should not be a break in order not to miss the moment. And then a new wave of pleasure will not be long in coming. But if it is not there, after a minute or two, you can again touch both points, continuing to move.


How to learn multiple orgasm


To get an orgasm with a man will work if he has enough patience, if he himself is interested in the process of enhancing the pleasure of his partner. But in the search for new sensations there should be no embarrassment, fear or pain. That is why some women prefer to open up new horizons, first alone, and then with a partner. Sex toys can help.


For pleasure, you need a vibrator with two points of influence. These are models for the vagina and clitoris or state-of-the-art vibrators for multiple zones . But there are a number of requirements for the chosen model:


• the vibration of the clitoral and vaginal processes should be separate;
• speed regulation of each part is also individual;
• and vibration modes need at least 4 with different intensities.


Ideally, the vibrator will have a curved tip to act on the G-spot. It is responsible for the power of pleasure and can even lead to jet orgasms.


A woman's orgasm is not only about touching, it starts in the head. Therefore, before experimenting, it is important to inflame your imagination, to strengthen your desire. In this case, it is worth arranging a pleasant foreplay for yourself in order to tune in, and then use a vibrator. The instruction is simple: first use one point, then the second at the same time, gradually increasing the speed. And when the first orgasm comes, leave the stimulation of one point and continue moving until a new wave.


Helpful hints


It may not work on the first try, but do not despair, training is required. And since the process is fun, you can try again and again.


G-spot multiple orgasms are difficult to achieve. This area is not always involved and is enjoyable. But it is worth starting to stimulate it, and after a few weeks it will lead to vivid experiences. Activating it is easy with the G-spot vibrator


Exercising your pelvic floor muscles increases sensitivity. Classes with vaginal balls strengthen the vagina, make any intimacy brighter. The result is achieved after 2-3 months of regular training.


Multiple orgasm is not a fantasy, it is real to get it, you just need patience. And high quality sex toys will help you with this! Choose vibrators that have anatomical shape and many modes, and then you will not be bored.