Modern sex shop. What do we know about him?


Fortunately, the signboard "SEX SHOP" has long ceased to be something shocking, and cause a bashful giggle in some, or bourgeois indignation of others, and the very perception of sex has finally gone beyond the definition of "forbidden fruit", which is inconvenient to talk about in public, and more and more acquires a healthy and correct attitude towards him. And the sex shop, more and more acquires the position of the same shop, familiar and necessary for society, like any other.


Just like many other things, the sex shop is increasingly integrated into the Internet space. And this is not just a fashion trend. The point is not only that sometimes, it may simply be corny, there is not enough time for shopping, but first of all, that, unfortunately, some people are still afraid of being noticed by acquaintances at the entrance to a sex shop, and such an argument as anonymity, for them more than weighty, to purchase sex toys, sitting at the computer or from the phone. This, undoubtedly, has its advantages, because you can visit a sex shop without getting up from your favourite chair or sofa, slowly consider the range, and if you need advice from a professional consultant, just make a call or write to the mail.


In any case, the good news is that people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of the erotic component of their lives, both for physical and emotional well-being, and sex toys are perceived as a great way to diversify sex, and not something alien, or for the elite. Also, you must admit that the quality of intimate life directly affects our everyday worldview, and the sex shop does an excellent job of helping to brighten up the grey everyday life and bring live, bright colours to them.


Man and dolphin are the only creatures on our planet that can have sex not only for hereditary functions but also for pleasure. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of satisfying your feelings and erotic fantasies, and the sex shop is designed to help in this, offering attention sometimes the most unimaginable, intimate accessories, the existence of which could not even be imagined. But from this, more and more often there is a desire to visit a sex shop, and experience something new on yourself, thereby enjoying yourself, and especially your partner.


A modern sex shop offers a lot of wonderful accessories for an intimate life, which not only diversify it, but also fill it with a lot of pleasant discoveries and impressions, both for women and men. As you understand, the pleasure from masturbation that a realistic vibrator can bring (a huge selection of which the sex shop offers) simply cannot be compared with that which can be obtained using, for example, a banana or any other improvised means. And during the hottest role-playing games, being spanked with a stylish whip is much more romantic than an old grandfather's belt.


There is one interesting fact. In Japan, the sex shop does not have the usual designation "persons over 18", and even children go to it. Sometimes, just gawk at cool little things, sex toys, or look into adulthood with one eye. However, the Land of the Rising Sun has the lowest sex crime rate in the world. This is what the right attitude to everything means, and we, in turn, hope that our sex shop will become an island of joy and new sexual discoveries for you!


The more often we delight ourselves and our partner, the stronger and happier the relationship will become, and the phrase sex shop will grow into a pleasant association with high-quality sex and exquisite pleasure.