Misunderstandings and truths about male contraception


Is there any way other than condoms? A contraceptive fact check that men must know.


Condoms are 100% contraceptive?


Kim Sun-Hyung, the author of <We Don't Know Contraception>, says that the success rate of contraception can reach 100% if condoms are used correctly. However, variables such as incorrect usage, storage, and expiration date can lower the rate of contraception. In principle, condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place while maintaining their shape. The shelf life is usually 3 to 5 years, but if the expiration expires, the latex material deteriorates, loses its elasticity and becomes dry, and there is a high risk of tearing during use. It's easy to see that you carry it in your wallet to become a man who prepares, but if you don't use it right away, it can deteriorate due to friction and heat. It is better not to waste time in your wallet for no reason, and to run and buy it if necessary.


Are there any birth control pills men can also take?


Last year, at the Endocrinology Conference held in New Orleans, USA, Biomed of Los Angeles and the University of Washington presented encouraging results on male contraceptives. Experimenters who took androgen androgenic hormone-based drugs showed that, except for minor side effects, the hormone dropped significantly below the level required for sperm production. After the experiment, it was back to normal. However, as it is the result of Phase 1 clinical trial, it can be marketed only after completing the Phase 3 clinical trial, so let's wait.


Contraceptive Pills Reduce Sexual Desire?


In June of last year, a research team from John Reynolds Wright, a professor of reproductive health at the University of Edinburgh, UK, began a clinical trial of male contraceptive gels in 450 couples. This contraceptive gel contains a mixture of the female hormone progesterone and the male hormone testosterone. When the gel is applied, when the amount of the female hormone (progesterone) increases, it sends a signal to the testicle that it is not necessary to make sperm, which is the principle that sperm production stops. However, when the male hormone (testosterone) is relatively reduced, side effects occur. Your mood can go down and you can gain weight. It is said that decreased libido can also appear.


Shouldn't my partner come into contact with the area where the contraceptive gel was applied?


There is one more thing to note about the use of birth control pills and birth control gels. Similarly, according to a research team at the University of Edinburgh, if a female partner comes into contact with a male body part with a contraceptive gel, the side effects of indirect testosterone exposure can occur. In extreme cases, there is a possibility of a beard. Therefore, men who wear contraceptive gels are advised to take a shower or sleep in a T-shirt before going to bed. If good results are obtained from this clinical trial, which will continue over a year, it is expected that the contraceptive gel will be put into practical use within at least five years.


Is it easy to restore after a vasectomy?


Urologists talk with their mouths open. Among the methods of contraception, vasectomy is the most reliable method that men can do. It is a surgery that cuts and binds the vas deferens, the passage through which sperm rises, and can be seen as almost permanent. Conversely, restoration surgery is much more complex and tricky, so there is a chance of failure. Therefore, you must be careful before deciding to have surgery. Another thing, it does not mean that contraception immediately after having a vasectomy. This is because sperm that has already risen from the testicles to the prostate remain. It's a good idea to keep in mind that the effect of contraception will take place when the semen is completely drained, usually over a period of two to three months.


Do you have a contraceptive injection?


Indian scientists have announced that they have successfully completed the world's first clinical trial of an injectable contraceptive for men. This product, named'RISUG', is injected through a local anaesthetic into the vas deferens near the testicles. Studies have shown that the effect begins to appear after about 1 month, and the contraceptive effect lasts for at least 13 years. This is because the polymer injected into the vas deferens blocks sperm, which is almost like a vasectomy. If you want to become pregnant again, it is said that it can be restored by giving an injection that dissolves the polymer, and this injection also requires a lot of time to be commercialized.