Mini Vibrators - Women's Little Secrets


A vibrator is a great way to add some fun to your intimate life. In the sex industry, almost any size of female toys is produced, a special niche is occupied by female mini-vibrators that can be carried in a purse, taken with you on trips, some stored on open shelves, since outwardly they do not even remotely resemble goods from a sex shop. Despite their small size, mini vibrators are designed with the shape of female organs in mind and are capable of delivering full-size pleasure.


Types of mini vibrators


Mini vibrators are scaled down versions of popular sex toys. They are practically silent, but powerful enough, despite their small size, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and power levels. These small sex toys are great for travel as they can easily be stored in your luggage. Most often they are intended to stimulate the clitoris, but can be applied to other parts of the body as well.


Most small toys offer several vibration modes, different pulse sequences, and some models are equipped with a remote control.


Choosing the perfect vibrator for women is often difficult; you can't take it with you to the fitting room to try it out before buying. To understand the types of vibrators and choose your first model, use the sex guide to the world of adult toys.


The best mini vibrators for pros and beginners:


1. Vibro Bullet The vibrator is about 7 cm in size with a sharp tapered tip, looks like a cartridge, runs on rechargeable batteries or with a battery. Serves for clitoral stimulation, but can be used for other erogenous zones, for example, nipples, penis, inner thighs.


2. ButterflyA beautiful silicone butterfly up to 7 cm long looks like an ordinary toy with wings and antennae. But as soon as you turn on the butterfly and bring it to the erogenous zone, you begin to evaluate this innocent toy in a completely different way, and the purpose of the vibrating antennae and wings becomes clear. In the presence of a special vaginal process, simultaneous stimulation of internal points is possible. The butterfly can be attached to the body with straps, does not require support by hands. Can be used during classic sex.


3. Pocket rocketThe vibrator looks like a regular pocket flashlight and is inexpensive. Sometimes it turns out to be a great assistant, which can simply be stored in the glove compartment of a car or purse. The device is convenient to use in field conditions. It can work with different intensities. Rechargeable models can be charged even from USB. Nice material, bright color and small size are also ideal for couples who live with children or parents.


4. LipstickThe lipstick tube vibrator is the best gift for women. Externally, the sex toy completely imitates a stylish tube of lipstick, which can be worn even in a clutch. With the cap removed, it also looks like a lipstick, but hold it to your lips and you will realize that this accessory is in a completely different category. The vibrator, albeit small in size, will be able to give a woman full pleasure. There are wave patterns, and there are vibrating ones. Feelings from each are special.


5. RingThe smallest ring-shaped sex toy. It is put on the finger and vibrations are turned on. It can be used alone or paired with a partner to stimulate each other's erogenous zones. With its small size, the ring has great power, has several levels of vibration, and is the best toy for traveling.


Masturbation is a natural process for a woman that improves overall well-being, serves to relieve sexual tension, and helps to understand her body. Whether you choose a starter vibrator or an improved miniature version of your favorite sex toy, you are guaranteed to get stunning pleasure that no kind of stimulation can give you anymore.