Men’s Gift Guide: How to Buy Sexy Lingerie


Step 1: figure out her sizes and tastes

To come to the store fully armed, you will first need to collect some information. It's a bit like a detective story - to build a picture of the perfect gift for your lady, you need to collect the evidence she left in her closet. Print or rewrite the list below to gather the information you need. You may find that your lady has many outfits of different sizes: for now, just write them all down so that you have all the necessary details for sure. If you choose for her lingerie as a surprise, find out the following:


  • bra size (for example, 32C, 36B, etc.)
  • panties Size
  • Sizing
  • Styles underwear in her closet (if you are not sure, please refer to our Lingerie Guide)
  • The fabrics that the lingerie is made of
  • The colors of her wardrobe If your lady knows that you are going to buy her underwear, ask:
  • Bust (measured around the fullest part of the bust)
  • Underbust (measured around the ribs, under the bust, where wearing a bra)
  • Waist (measured at the narrowest part of the waist)
  • Hips (measured at the widest part of the hips and buttocks)
  • Her favorite styles, fabrics and colors of underwear


If your lady's closet is stingy with prompts, then perhaps the time has come to revise this piece of wardrobe. If so, our Guide to Fitting Underwear to Your Body Shapewill help you to understand the variety of female forms and choose the types of underwear that are suitable for these forms. If there is a lot of evidence, read on ...


Step 2: choosing the perfect lingerie set


Armed with our list, look at this information objectively: it is more about what she likes than what you would prefer to see on it.


Choose her favorite colors and fabrics


Your lady in lingerie may prefer certain colors and fabrics, such as red lace or black satin. Most likely, she likes these colors and fabrics because they suit her and make her feel confident.


Tip: You can also get some inspiration from her collection of dresses. Many women wear evening gowns that closely match the colors and fabrics they would prefer for their underwear.


This gives you a great starting point for choosing the right gift. Now you can search by color and type of fabric in our erotic lingerie section.


Let's say she likes red lace. To find all of our red lace products, you need to go to the erotic lingerie section, select the type of lingerie, then select the red color and let the page load. Now you see all the products of the selected assortment, made of red material - all that remains is to pick up the lace.


Pick Her Favorite Lingerie Styles


Aside from finding out the current contents of her closet, it also makes sense to look back at some memories to choose the style she really likes.


Think about the times she dressed for a romantic dinner at home or a party. What was she wearing? Does she like smoldering in satin, or chilling in lace? Does she like going all-in in a corset, or feeling flirty and feminine in combination?


Tip: If you are at a loss to determine the name of that bra with a dress attached to it, refer to our short Underwear Types Guide, which will give you the correct terminology to help you find the item you want on


By remembering what she wears when she wants to look and feel her best, you’ll find what makes her feel confident and sexy — which is the main goal when it comes to bed attire. By buying her something that she will feel confident in, you will also give her sexual confidence, which will have a beneficial effect on your sex life together.


Step 3: Choose the right size


Choosing the right size is not easy (even when she buys something herself), and the mistake here is much more forgivable than buying a latex bodysuit when she rather prefers nightgowns. Here are some tips for getting the perfect fit:




sizes Sizing is a challenge even for the most experienced lingerie buyer. Sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and size 8 for one may turn into size 12 for another, and the smallest (XS) of one brand may become large (L) of another. If your lady has sizes 8, 10 and 12 in her wardrobe, which one to choose?


Tip: Look at the labels of her favorite clothes. She is her favorite, because in her she feels confident and, as a rule, comfortable, and this is how she should feel in her underwear. If there is a clear preponderance of one size, choose it.


Don't forget to check the size chart.


Bra sizes


Some items of lingerie are measured by bra size. You can easily match it to your lady's bra size that you figured out during your investigation.


Tip: If she has more than one bra size, she may have an intermediate size, which is not uncommon for women. If that sounds like your case, check the size on the bra she wears the most. He is probably the most comfortable for her, and therefore the best sitting.


Many of our lingerie items are made with underwire, but not measured in bra size. Underwire is a metal frame in a bra cup that holds its shape. If the item of underwear has underwear but does not have a bra size, please check the description for the bra size for which it is suitable. Generally, most of these cups are suitable for cup sizes A, B or C, and some are up to size D. If your lady's cup is larger than D, it is best to avoid underwire that is NOT measured in cup size.


One size


Wait, can't you spit on all these complications and buy something labeled "One Size"? Well, yes, you can. But remember that one size means one size fits most, not all. There is always a risk that the item will sit too loose or too tight, depending on the individual characteristics of your lady. It will also depend on her height - when she is 180 cm tall, the body stockings will sit on her very differently than when she is 160 cm


tall.If you choose one size, remember that there are two types of underwear of the same size - regular size and plus size. If your partner's size is below 16, you need a regular size. If her size is 16+, you need a plus size. Not all items are the same size, so check the recommended sizes for each product.