Masturbation for women: benefit or harm to the body?


Female masturbation is sexual self-stimulation of the genitals to achieve orgasm. Historically, masturbation has always had a bad reputation, condemned by religion and society. The topic of masturbation is often considered taboo and not discussed in secular society. However, masturbation is a completely normal and healthy sexual behavior and has health benefits in addition to pleasure.


Self-gratification for women


Some women use their own finger, improvised objects and sex toys. They stimulate the clitoris, accurately finding the G-spot, and caress the anus. Many people like to masturbate in the shower, directing a powerful jet of water to the genitals. It is most convenient to use for enjoying special toys for adults. The sex industry offers different models of devices for the female orgasm:


• Vibrators are the best toys for a quick orgasm, as they act directly on the nerve endings of the erogenous zones. They differ in shape, size, material, vibration intensity. Vibrators are mainly used for vaginal stimulation, clitoral and G-spot caresses, but they can be used for any erogenous zones. The vibrator can be used alone or with a partner as a foreplay.

• Vibro Eggs are small, oval-shaped, remote-controlled sex toys. The smooth shape and size allow you to place the egg in the vagina or clitoris; you should change the mode and intensity of vibration using the remote control. The vibro egg intensively stimulates the erogenous zones, you can change the modes yourself or entrust the control panel to your partner.

• Dildossuitable for women who like to experience a realistic feeling of self-satisfaction. The size, color, texture are fully consistent with the real phallus. Some models are equipped with testicles, suction cups that securely attach the artificial penis to the surface. The fixation model can be used in the shower, attached to the wall, or used on the floor in a riding position for better clitoral stimulation and deeper penetration. For many women, a sense of realism allows them to relax as much as possible and experience sexual pleasure.

• Vaginal ballsare used to train the muscles of the vagina to increase their elasticity. Exercising with the help of special vibrating balls, you can not only strengthen the necessary muscles, but also get a powerful orgasm, as there is an intense stimulation of the nerve endings inside the female womb. Regular use will help you learn to have multiple orgasms.

• Nipple clamps for self-stimulation are used by women who have the most sensitive erogenous zones in the breast area. They allow you to independently adjust the force of compression of the nipples or use a toy for foreplay with a partner.


The positive effects of female masturbation


Self-gratification is a lifesaver for women who cannot get sexual gratification with a partner. In addition, masturbation exercises have a positive effect on the female body, they:


  • 1. help to relax and get sexual satisfaction without the risk of getting pregnant and contracting STDs;
  • 2. relieve stress and reduce nervous tension;
  • 3. improve health by increasing the blood supply to the uterus, reduce menstrual pain;
  • 4. strengthen the relationship in a couple, make sex brighter and more fun;
  • 5. Increase female libido.


Women talk about it or keep silent, but almost every of them periodically engages in self-satisfaction. So, if you are in the ranks of doubting whether it is decent to masturbate, you can safely start experimenting by choosing a suitable sex toy for this.