Male masturbation


Ambiguous to ask where, but good to know male masturbation A to Z 


Q. Does a lot of masturbation cause muscle loss? 


A. no. It is muscle loss that those who risked their lives in ' health ' value more than their lives. Since the main component of semen is protein, it may sound plausible that ejaculation causes muscle loss. But usually male 1 times the average amount of semen during ejaculation discharged 2 ~ 5ml, approximately, of which 80-90% consists of water. When looking at the amount of protein in semen, it is only 0.1 to 0.3g, around 5%. Adult male first two days protein intake requirement 56g Given that, on the day 500 should matter more than once that I genocide only muscle loss can fly. If you masturbate this much, you have to go to the hospital right away than the gym, so you don't have to worry at all.


Q. Do you have premature ejaculation if you masturbate a lot?


A. no. Rather, moderate masturbation can help treat premature ejaculation. Deulkimyeon does not like to be a teenager masturbating secretly in nervousness, habit quickly becomes the factors that can aggravate premature ejaculation in actual intercourse. Therefore, it is necessary to practice correct and effective masturbation. To be sufficiently reached on the matter in an appropriate stimulus, how to give yourself some irritation, we recommend trying the experiment.


Q. If I masturbate quickly and strongly while watching stimulating porn, does it interfere with real sex?


A. Some parts are correct. Chances are you'll get so used to the quick and stimulating way of masturbation that you won't reach ejaculation without my hands. Masturbating too often while watching excessively directed porn can cause a decrease in dopamine receptors, which can make you feel helpless in real sex. It cannot be said to be a very direct factor, but it can be an indirect factor, so if you are concerned about decreased sexual function, you need to stop overly stimulating masturbation.


Q. Can I prevent prostate cancer by masturbating regularly?


A. accurately " assess " means that the probability that men often take on prostate cancer is low . Harvard School of Public Health (Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health ), Jennifer Rider (Jennifer Rider) According to a study by Dr. masturbating in a month 21 or more times who is 4-7 risk of prostate cancer than those who times 19 It is said to be about % low. Look at on the basis of research results, and frequent ejaculation ' is suitable masturbating under the premise can be said to aid in prostate health baechulhae carcinogens cause in the body.


Q. If I masturbate often, does ageing come quickly?


A. no. There is little to no health impact unless you do the aforementioned 500 masturbation per day. Rather, moderate masturbation can have a positive effect on your body and mind. When you reach orgasm through masturbation, your brain releases oxytocin and endorphins, which help relieve stress and sleep better. This year, the New York Health Authority said, “ Your safest partner is yourself . If you wash your hands thoroughly Masturbation does not spread Corona " has released a memorandum stating containing sexual guidelines. Please think that masturbation is a sex with me that fits perfectly with the spirit of the times .