Lubricant brings maximum pleasure and comfort


Lubricant is an integral part of fun games, including condoms, sex toys, anal stimulation, or any other activities that require extra lubrication for maximum fun. Unfortunately, you may still face the myth that women do not need lubricants because the vagina secretes natural moisture. Because of these misunderstandings, many women around the world suffer from uncomfortable sex because they are ashamed to use extra lubricants. You can often hear the opinion that a decent man can make any woman "wet". This method further complicates the whole situation, leading to minor trauma, unpleasant sexual behavior, women's inability to achieve orgasm, and difficulty in enjoying the process. It is important to understand why additional lubricants are used in most cases, and it is important to understand the principles of natural lubrication production. No human body can work like an automatic and perfect lubricant supply mechanism. The release of lubricant depends on many factors, not just the level of arousal. The body’s natural water production is affected by many factors: hormones, physical health, mental health, drug use, eating habits, stress levels, and women’s menstrual cycles. All in all, it can be said with certainty that a person's lifestyle itself affects the degree to which the body can produce natural lubrication. The extra use of lubricant means paying attention to comfort, health, and a sincere desire to give and obtain happiness.


When do I need to use lubricant?


• Bring a condom. The amount of lubricant in the condom itself is only enough for a few minutes of sexual intercourse, or in most cases it is not enough. Additional lubrication will increase the comfort of the process, help to obtain a sense of pleasure and ensure the safety of the condom! Dryness and friction are some of the most common causes of condom breakage.


• When playing anal. The anus itself does not release any lubricant. Any anal irritation requires the use of a lot of lubricant to avoid damage to the fragile mucosa. Insufficient lubrication is a very common cause of unpleasant and even painful anal irritation.


• With sex toys. Any sex toy will dry out on its own. In order to make its use possible and enjoyable, you need to make sure it is as slippery as possible during the whole process. This is especially suitable for penetrating toys.


• In any game, if you want to feel the greatest comfort and pleasure. Even if vaginal intercourse occurs without using condoms and toys, it is worth helping your body. Lubricants will not harm our body's physiological processes. It can only improve the intimate gaming experience and pleasure score.


Lubricants are classified according to their basics: water-based, silicon-based, mixed, oil-based, and powder, and must be mixed with water.


Water-based lubricants are the most versatile because they can be used for any type of sex and intimate games. They are also compatible with condoms and toys, menstrual cups, and private sports equipment made of any material.


In terms of consistency, they are gel-like, so they resemble human natural lubricants as much as possible. Inferior water-based options can be sticky, dry quickly, and irritate. The best quality will ensure the longest possible lubrication.


Silicone-based lubricants have an oily consistency. They can be more greasy, or they can become more slippery. They have better sliding properties than water-based, but their use has some limitations.


They form an oily or smooth layer on the skin and also provide excellent lubricity without being absorbed by the skin. It is best to use a silicon-based lubricant for anal games or shower or bath games. They will not dry out at all and will lubricate for a long time until they are washed off with soap. They are insoluble in water, so they are particularly suitable for playing in water.


Silicone lubricants are suitable for glass and metal toys. These products can be used as body massage oils.


The biggest disadvantage of silicone-based lubricants is that they cannot be used in silicone toys and other toys that are softer than glass or metal. They penetrate into the pores of the toy material and are difficult to clean. Over time, these lubricant residues can erode the material.


Remember: these substances are not lubricants and should not be used in intimate games: cosmetic oils or moisturizers, baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil and other cosmetics and foods. These substances are not suitable for sensitive mucous membranes and the microflora of the vagina or anal canal.


Choose by purpose:

1. It has a fragrance when taken orally. Not recommended for vaginal and anal use. They can only be used outside the body for external activities.

2. A vagina with a neutral pH.

3. The anus contains additional moisturizing and emollient ingredients.

4. It has a wide range of uses and can be used anytime and anywhere. Usually a water-based neutral option.

5. Stimulants with extra sensory ingredients that can be warm, cool or pleasantly stimulating.

6. Sterile/anaesthetic for urethral play or strong anal stimulation.


Selection of the most interesting and effective lubricants.


People usually want a product to have all possible effects at the same time. However, it is much more reasonable to choose the most appropriate option for each requirement. Compared to sensory enhancers, lubricants are required more frequently to achieve better sliding. If you choose irritating lubricants, irritating ingredients will often come into contact with your skin. This can be addictive or irritating. It is best to store the lubricant on the shelf of the intimate cosmetics used daily, next to it is the sensory gel, you can add it when you want to play with it.


Comfort is the prerequisite for enjoyment. Happiness is the foundation of happiness. And happiness is the foundation of a happy life. Take care of the comfort, joy and happiness of yourself and your partner!