Kegel training, how to restore the tension of the vaginal muscles


Many have heard about strengthening intimate muscles with the help of vaginal balls . Kegel exercises are known all over the world, but not all women use them. So what's the difficulty? Conventional simulators are not always convenient, take a lot of time, and the result is almost impossible to track. To get the desired effect, you need to draw up a training schedule, remember it and perform all the actions. But today all this can be done much easier, modern technologies come to the rescue, giving women a chance to become even more desirable.


Who Needs Kegel Exercises


The set of exercises developed by Dr. Kegel was created to treat urinary incontinence in women. This symptom often appears after childbirth and after menopause. Regular exercise reduced the problem in 70% of the women in the study group. But besides this, additional benefits of charging for intimate muscles have been identified:


  • the vagina became narrower, the muscles tightened even in those who suffered multiple tears during childbirth; • the sensitivity of the genitals increased, more than 50% of women using exercises were able to experience orgasms more often, and 30% showed the ability to feel multi-orgasms;
  • actions to strengthen intimate muscles have become a good prevention of hemorrhoids;
  • sexual desire increased by 23%, 15-minute daily workouts returned interest in sex even among adult women.


And the tested ladies noted that their men felt a difference in muscle tone, and therefore their desire for intimacy became much greater.


Vaginal balls


The simplest exercise machine for strengthening intimate muscles is vagianal balls . Their use is straightforward: they are inserted into the vagina with a large amount of lubrication and begin to move without the use of hands. A woman needs to learn how to push the balls out of herself, pull them in and squeeze them so that it is impossible to pull them out.


Vaginal balls can be of different diameters. The average is 2-3 cm, this size allows the toy not to fall out in a standing position. A special drawstring helps to insert and remove the trainer. For more effective training, it is recommended to purchase models with an offset center of gravity. The presence of vibration will help not only build muscles, but also enjoy the process.


Heavier balls are designed for advanced users. Holding them is more difficult, but the results are more obvious. But the most difficult for training are balls with a diameter of no more than 1.5 cm, they constantly strive to jump out and only trained muscles are able to keep them in a standing position.


Modern simulators


In order for the effect to be noticeable, it is necessary to engage in at least 3 times a week. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly increase the load, doing more exercises, introducing new movements. It is important to increase the speed of muscle contraction, to increase pressure. And modern simulators can help with this.


For example, Magic Kegel Master is a Kegel trainer that is a personal trainer. This device is synchronized with a smartphone and, using a special program, creates an individual training regimen. You can use ready-made muscle strengthening courses or create your own.


First, you need to identify the level of muscle preparation. Just a few simple movements will help determine these parameters, and then they can be improved. The simulator will show the intensity of compression, reaction speed, pushing force. And the higher these indicators are, the better. You will have to increase the numbers with regular training. And a convenient system will help you track the results.


The use of Magic Kegel Master helps to see the effectiveness of training, as you can easily determine the level of development of intimate muscles. The first shifts will appear after 7 days of application. All results will be recorded, they can be seen in the form of a table or graph, which will clearly show the changes. For each achievement, the program will praise the owner, because the management and activities are very similar to an exciting game.


Magic Kegel Master does not require special training conditions. A small device takes up little space, you can take it with you even in a cosmetic bag, and silent work will allow you to practice even at the workplace, and no one around you will guess that the workout is in full swing.


The modern simulator makes classes fun and accessible. They can even be carried out in the bathroom, because Magic Kegel Master is completely waterproof. And if desired, it can even be used for love games with a partner, you just have to show your imagination.