How does Kegel exercise achieve the desired effect in the shortest time


Fortunately, being healthy is becoming more and more fashionable, but sex itself has always been in trend. Therefore, now more and more often, and on various resources, you can find the phrase "Kegel exercises", or vaginal balls of the same name. But not many people know the true value of such training and what they are for.

First of all, you should know that Kegel is one of the outstanding scientists of the twentieth century, a gynecologist by training, and a professor at the University of California. The main part of his scientific activity, he devoted to the problem of the health of the genitourinary system, moreover, not only in women, but also in men. As a result, he created a whole direction in medicine, patented several devices, and developed a training system. Its purpose is:


  • improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • quick recovery after childbirth and preparation for them;
  • prevention of spontaneous urination;
  • the ability to control intimate muscles;
  • increasing libido and improving the quality of sexual life;
  • relieve vaginal dryness and provide sufficient lubrication at the time of arousal.


As you can see, each of the above points is no less important than the other, for almost every woman, and using this method, many have already been able to resolve their issues or make their relationship with a partner brighter and more colorful. Also, it is worth knowing that the Kegel exercises themselves, consist of several techniques of independent work with muscles, however, he went further and included vaginal balls , which help to achieve an even greater effect and in a much shorter time. In a way, they have become a kind of intimate simulator.


Before you make the right decision to take care of yourself in such a wonderful way, it will not be superfluous to learn a little theories so as not to look like a blind kitten or reinvent the wheel. The base of the method consists of the following basic techniques and techniques.


As another variation of this exercise that allows you to go even further, you can not only stop the loss, but raise the weight to the top.


  • Simplest. It consists in the fact that while visiting the toilet, he learns to restrain the stream of urine, with only one muscles. Alternatively, for women, try squeezing a finger or two placed inside the vagina. For men, this could be a testicular pull-up.
  • Ejection. Here, a completely different principle already works, and you must learn to push the vaginal balls outward, without the participation of hands. It may seem that it is difficult, however, this is only at first, and what kind of training can be, without a constant striving forward, and increasing loads.
  • Hold. This exercise should be done while standing, with your legs slightly apart. Its essence lies in the fact that the law of gravitation is used here, in other words, the girl must hold the simulator with her intimate organ, which tends to fall down. Over time, you can increase the mass, and then, as progress grows, do it constantly. There are recorded data that one girl was able to hold a load in herself, for several minutes, weighing more than 10 kg! As they say - there is no limit to perfection!
  • Double impact. Here it is already necessary to work not only with the muscles of the vagina, but also the anus. Moreover, they are strongly interconnected, and the tone of some directly affects the state of others.
  • Imitation. This should be done after using the toilet, but at the same time, in any position. Muscle work should be similar to that which was during the "process" itself, but in other words, at idle.
  • Passive wearing. This method, despite the fact that it is very simple and pleasant, has no less efficiency than all others. Its essence lies in the fact that, having entered the simulator, it is enough just to do your favorite or necessary things. For example, cook dinner, or better yet, dance. Moreover, you don't need to do any unnecessary movements, the main thing is just not to let go. On top of that, it's not fun!


Any of the above practices should be carried out in several (except for the last one, which even provides for several hours of wearing), usually in 5 approaches, 20 times or within 1-2 minutes. As practice shows, this brings quick and very tangible results. Also, it is better to do it several times a day. Now, the natural question is how to choose the right vaginal balls for yourself.


  • Smaller size, it is always more difficult to hold, therefore, for beginners, a diameter of 3 cm-3.5 cm will be optimal;
  • Balls with a displaced center of gravity also greatly facilitate training in the initial stages;
  • Heavier accessory, suitable for those who have sufficient experience for this;
  • A thread with a pearl strung on it or a monoblock with 1-3 thickenings is a matter of taste, but nevertheless, the first option assumes a certain level of proficiency in technique, although training with it will be a little more effective and sensual;
  • The material from which vaginal balls can be made is not fundamentally important, here it is up to the aesthetic side and personal preferences. However, you can be sure that they are all absolutely safe for health, and have gone through numerous studies.


In principle, it would be optimal to purchase several such devices at once in order to be able to constantly improve. Well, in order for Kegel exercises to bring the greatest return, and most importantly quickly, you should be guided by two fundamental principles - to practice them in a good mood, and be confident of success. It is better to do this at home, in a calm atmosphere, so that no one and nothing distracts you, and of course, in a high spirits. This method is the basis of the training schemes for most athletes, and it brings simply impressive results!