Jet orgasm-fantasy or reality?


Jetting orgasm or squirt is not common. Less than 1% of women on Earth have experienced similar sensations, but sex therapists claim that it can be learned. The release of fluid usually occurs after stimulation of the G-spot, and if you try and take some time, then such an orgasm will really happen.


What is squirt


The release of moisture in the process of receiving pleasure comes from the urethra. Some liquid may simply flow out or even spur out. Usually about 50 ml of special secretion is released. This is enough to create a small, soccer-sized stain on the sheet.


The fluid that is excreted is not urine. This is a special secret that is produced in the process of getting an orgasm. It is transparent, leaves no residue, but has a specific, not very bright odor. The liquid is slightly thicker than regular water. Jetting orgasms are not only a discharge, but also a sensation. A woman experiences pleasure that is greater than with a normal orgasm. And squirt is rarely solitary, if you continue to move, then the second and third peak of pleasure will follow, and each will be accompanied by abundant hydration.


Many women faced with this phenomenon consider it negative. Firstly, if a squirt happened, then it is impossible to forget how to receive it. Therefore, every time you have sex, your bed or other space will get wet. Secondly, visually the squirt looks as if the woman has described herself, and because of this, an uncomfortable situation arises, not all partners understand what is happening. All this causes embarrassment. But there are thousands of people who dream of learning this, and it is possible!


How to achieve a jet orgasm?


A special liquid for squirt is formed gradually, and you do not need to specially drink water to create it. It is produced by the endocrine system only at the time of strong arousal. Very often, the first orgasm is vaginal or clitoral, and the squirt occurs later. Therefore, it is worth starting with long and exciting caresses, there is no need to rush somewhere.


For foreplay, use massage oil , bubble bath, energizing gels or lubricants . It is desirable that the first orgasm be vaginal or clitoral. You can get them with your hands or tongue, or with the help of special vibrating toys .


After a long foreplay or bright sex, you need to go to the G-spot caresses. It is located on the front wall of the vagina at a depth of 3-5 cm. This area is a little rough to the touch. This area should be massaged. A man can do this with two fingers inserted inside. The main movements are up and down along a given point with different intensity of pressing. For convenience, use a G-spot vibrator . It has a special shape that allows you to easily touch the area you need, and by changing the speed, you can increase the impact.


How to find out the effectiveness of actions


The likelihood that a jet orgasm will occur on the first try is very small. But active caresses of the G-spot will give a woman visible pleasure. The orgasm from such actions is very vivid. And if during it the moisture in the intimate area increased, then everything is going right. If orgasm does not come, it is worth touching the clitoris, add other influences.


Initially, you have to wake up the "G-spot". This can be done alone, masturbation will allow you to better understand how exactly you need to stimulate this area, what specifically you like and cause the greatest pleasure. The first orgasms can be combined with the clitoral. Then more and more attention should be paid to the inner sensations.


To achieve a jet orgasm faster, it is worth starting to train the vaginal muscles. Strengthening them will lead to increased pleasure. There are special exercise equipment, they allow you to do the necessary exercises more efficiently. And the most modern models, when connected to a smartphone, are even able to develop an individual training system.


A jet orgasm is a reaction to stimulation of the G-spot. To get this kind of pleasure, it takes at least 3 months of active practice. And regular orgasms and workouts are sure to give results.