Is prostate massage the first step for homosexuality?


The problem of prostatitis in men will gradually increase after the age of 40-45. Nowadays, in addition to treatments that include taking antibiotics, prostate massage is also widely used, but this effect is not entirely pleasant. If done correctly and carefully, the effect will be obvious.


Men are afraid of anal penetration because this will lead to an immediate connection with people with non-traditional sexual orientations (ie homosexuality).


What does prostate massage hide?


"What if I am a hidden gay?", "What if I like it?", "I am not a gay person who wants to decide on this!". Men who recommend prostate massage can hear such and similar statements. Their worries about this are not unfounded. Does enthusiasm for prostate massage lead to cravings for members of the same sex?


Hundreds of years of stereotypes have determined the ignorance of prostate stimulation in heterosexual relationships. Although many people often contact them with women, the pleasure of this kind of stimulation will not cause such a strong orgasm due to exposure to women's G-spot. However, a man can get incredible pleasure from a prostate massage, provided that the massage is performed by the hands of his beloved woman and not on the bed of a urologist. Fortunately, today you can easily buy a variety of lubricants and gels, scented candles and other erotic accessories, making it possible to make bland prostate stimulation a fascinating element of sex games.


To be or not to be?


Now, about homosexuality caused by prostate massage. According to sexologists, there is no relationship between these concepts! First of all, homosexuality is love and desire for the same sex, and men who tend to this behaviour usually begin to show their hidden preferences in childhood. Second, in gay couples, anal vibrators are often used to stimulate the prostate, but in this case, we are talking about systemic satisfaction in this way, not preventive massage. Third, prostate massage is an excellent preventive measure that can normalize the function of the prostate, enhance its effectiveness and improve the overall condition.


Of course, sometimes after a prostate massage, men will understand that they will not be able to survive without this kind of fun! But this usually doesn't happen, usually when there is no woman nearby who can fully perform this operation. According to physiology, in gay couples, the stimulation of the prostate is carried out by penetrating the partner's anus. So why shouldn't women do the same with fingers or anal stimulators?


The doctor recommends prostate massage as a compulsory method to prevent and treat male diseases. If having this hobby as part of a sex game is fun for men, why not try it?