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Is masturbation harmful?


Is masturbation harmful?


Regardless of public opinion, masturbation has always existed and will continue to exist in the future. However, if earlier self-satisfaction or gratification of the desires of one's own body was considered something shameful, today this occupation is practically not condemned and is considered a personal matter of each person. Moreover, while masturbating, many people use special sex toys: vibrators, stimulators and other elements that can make the sensations much brighter.


Masturbation during puberty


According to statistics, almost 90% of boys and 60% of girls aged 10-15 years from time to time engage in masturbation. As a rule, the peak of the need for self-satisfaction falls at the age of 16-21, and only then gradually decreases.


The period of puberty in all adolescents is associated with an increase in the concentration of elevated sex hormones in the blood. Such changes, in turn, affect the general work of all organs, including the human psyche. When the level of sex hormones is at its peak and literally goes off scale, the work of internal organs is inhibited. Accordingly, a small discharge in the form of masturbation using gels and lubricants will benefit the young body.


However, with an excessive passion for self-satisfaction, you can harm your body. Excessive masturbation is quite capable of depleting a young body.


It is known that during puberty a growing person needs a large amount of building material, trace elements and substances. Doing it daily, or even several times a day, ejaculating at the same time, which is especially true for future men, it is only possible to deprive your body of such vital materials for the future.


"Adult" masturbation


The need for masturbation over the years already depends on the person's lifestyle, the availability of time, sexual arousal, the frequency of stressful situations, and many other factors. Starting at the age of 25, less time is devoted to her - once a week, once a month, or even less often. However, regardless of how often it happens, masturbation in "adult" life is considered a normal and quite healthy activity.


The main harm of masturbation at this age affects the emotional sphere. Over the years, more and more men, due to their unwillingness to be guilty, including in bed with a partner, try to avoid natural sexual contact, preferring self-satisfaction. Most often, the excuse says that their hands know the body better, that they do not need to be persuaded or wasted time swinging because the matter is solved in just a few minutes. It is not uncommon for a real partner to be "replaced" with sex dolls, masturbators or female genital imitators.


Masturbation as a way of knowing the body


Despite all the above described negative aspects of self-satisfaction, it still has its advantages. In addition to pleasure and relaxation for the whole body, as psychologists and sexologists assure, a person, while masturbating, learns to recognize erogenous zones on his body, gets acquainted with its features, highlighting certain sensations, ebbs and flows that arise at the moment of arousal. Knowledge and experience in this area can give a person confidence in himself, give the ability and consistency to tell his partner what he likes. Accordingly, all this improves the quality of the partners' sexual life.


What does medicine talk about?


From a medical point of view, masturbation also has a lot of advantages, including:


  • Normalization of cardiovascular activity;


  • Decrease in depression (due to the release of a huge amount of endorphins into the blood);


  • Strengthening the immune system;


  • Improving memory and sleep;


  • Improving skin colour and tone.

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