How to use vaginal balls correctly?


Vaginal balls are the oldest invention, which was widely used by geisha in ancient times in China as training for their sexuality. In our time, they have not lost their relevance and are widely used by women, both for training the muscles of the internal genital organs and for a variety of sexual life.


Instructions for the use of vaginal balls


Before you start using vaginal balls, you must thoroughly wash them and treat them with an antiseptic, which you can choose a lubricant based on chlorhexidine or miramistin. Further, in order to ensure a comfortable and painless introduction of the beads, it is also desirable to use an intimate lubricant, such as a moisturizing lubricant.


It is best to insert vaginal balls in a reclining or lying position, which will ensure easy penetration of products into the vagina. In this case, it is important to relax as much as possible and listen to the sensations. The free edge of the thread, with which the balls are connected to each other, must be left outside because in the future it will be needed to remove the simulators from the vagina.


Next, you should start doing exercises that may seem difficult at first. After the workout is over, the balls must be removed from the vagina, having relaxed the muscles, rinsed thoroughly in warm water and soap and put into a special case.


Regularity and moderation are very important in the use of vaginal balls. It is best to do a workout for ten minutes, but daily, rather than spend more than an hour on it once a week.


Several exercises with Kegel balls


1. One of the simplest exercises is to hold the balls inside. To do this, you need to insert the balls into the vagina, using additional lubricant, and try to hold them with your muscles for 1-2 minutes. Gradually, the time can be increased up to 30 minutes, based on the capabilities of the body and desire.


2. The next exercise is walking with balls. You can start this exercise within a few days after completing the first, as soon as a feeling of strength of the internal muscles appears. Movement with the vaginal balls inside has a massage effect, which leads to saturation of the walls of the vagina with blood and its contraction.


3. Once you have mastered holding and walking with the balls, you can try to manipulate the vaginal balls by moving them from side to side and up and down with the help of the vaginal muscles.


4. Another push and resistance exercise. You need to try to push the vaginal balls one by one with the help of the vaginal muscles outward, without helping with a thread or fingers. You can also pull on the thread, and try not to let the muscles of the vagina out.


In the future, to improve skills and consolidate the results obtained, you can perform the same exercises, but with balls of less diameter, but with greater weight.


About the most intimate


It is quite natural to ask whether vaginal balls can be used during sex or with vibrators. Doctors strongly do not recommend doing this, and if you really want to, then it is best to give preference to special balls, which are ideal for sexual games, have a smaller size and are also sold in sex shops. By the way, you cannot use vaginal balls for anal stimulation, since their design is not adapted to easily and painlessly remove them from the anus. For this purpose, anal stimulants can be used.




Despite the fact that vaginal balls are a toy for sex and stimulation, they are contraindicated for those who suffer from inflammatory or infectious diseases of the reproductive system. For women prone to allergies, it is important to consult a doctor before using such balls.