How to use the vacuum pump correctly?


A vacuum pump is a plastic flask with a seal that is connected to a device to create a vacuum. The main purpose of using this device is to improve blood flow to the genitals or other organs on the male and female bodies. When using a pump, erectile function is improved and penis size is increased, breast sensitivity is improved and the clitoris is stimulated. Most vacuum pumps are sold with lubricants, however, when they run out, using a different lubricant is imperative.


How long?


A common mistake of many who first try the vacuum pump on themselves is the abuse of the device. According to the instructions for use, during the first week, you can use the pump for 10 minutes a day. Starting from the third week, the duration of using the device is 10 minutes, two sessions a day, and after the sixth week, "pleasure" can be increased to 20 minutes a day for two sessions.


Getting started


After lubricating the nozzle at the base of the plastic flask with grease, insert the penis into the cavity. After that, the flask is tightly pressed to the body. To improve blood circulation, a special cream can be applied to the penis beforehand.


Further, we gradually begin to pump out air, which provides a rarefied atmosphere inside the flask and stimulates blood flow to the penis. According to the instructions that are necessarily attached to the vacuum pumps, you must hold the product with one hand, and with the other actively press the piston or bulb to pump out the air. In this case, it is important to pinch the hole on the flask in order to create tightness with the help of the built-in valve, which must be closed. In the process of using the pump, a slight reddening of the penis and an erection should appear. After 30 seconds, the valve opens and air flows into the flask.


Using a vacuum pump for women is almost the same, but still different. The plastic bowl of the pump is worn on the chest or external genitals in such a way that it is located is perpendicular to the body as possible, and is tightly pressed. Then, with the help of a pear, the air is pumped out, and after 5-7 seconds it is launched into the air into the flask. It is important to remember that the use of a vacuum pump on the chest or genitals, in order not to interfere with normal blood circulation for a long time, must be alternated with pauses every 10-15 minutes.


Some helpful tips:


  • Before using the vacuum pump for the first time, it is recommended to rinse the flask itself with warm water, and also check the safety valve;


  • If the pressure in the pump is too strong, which is fraught with rupture of blood vessels and internal bleeding, then adjust its level;


  • Always monitor the usage time of the device and also ensure that the testicles do not fall into the flask. For this, it is recommended to use a towel, which will become a kind of protective barrier;


  • After use, the pump must also be thoroughly rinsed, remove any remaining moisturizing gels or grease. Boiling the pump or exposing it to boiling water is not allowed;


  • If the pump was transferred to another person, before the next use it must be treated with special antiseptic agents ;


  • Do not forget about the fragility of the product, and therefore it does not need to be thrown or hit;


  • The use of additional lubricants is allowed, but it is important to remember that grease-based lubricants can significantly damage the material of the product;


Storage of the pump is allowed at a temperature not exceeding 35 degrees in places protected from sunlight and humidity.