How to use Restored Yam Ball?

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To restore the yam ball, it is accurately called the Kegel ball, because it is a small tool derived from the Kegel sport. In recent years, it has become very popular. Many sisters around me use this thing privately. And if you have watched "Fifty Shades of Grey", you should remember that the actor has held a small iron ball in his hand, which is actually a reduction of a yam ball.


Restoration yam ball was originally used to help women with postpartum vaginal relaxation and to restore firmness. Generally, postpartum hospitals will recommend vaginal restoration treatments. In fact, they use electrical stimulators and restore yam balls, but the equipment is more professional. The principle is to use the shaking of the metal ball inside the ball to stimulate the muscles of the pelvic floor (different types of reduced yam balls have slightly different principles) to exercise this part of the muscles and make the vagina more compact. The developed pelvic floor muscles not only solve the problem of vaginal relaxation, but also allow you to freely control the degree of tightness underneath during sex, and increase the sexual well-being index in a straight line. It is precise because of this that many girls who have not given birth are also using Restored Yam ball.


However, it should be noted that pregnant women should not use reduced yam balls. Although there are many places that pregnant women use reduced yam balls to prepare for normal delivery, in fact, using reduced yam balls will not only stimulate the vagina, but may also touch the cervix, causing Abnormal bleeding, or cause contractions to cause miscarriage or premature delivery of the fetus. Within 3 months after delivery, or if you suffer from gynaecological inflammation, you cannot use the yam ball. In addition, patients with pacemakers, diabetes, phlebitis, thrombosis, etc. should be clotting the blood before using the massager in the private part. Consult a doctor about the risk of block formation.


Some girls may think it’s weird to put the restored yam ball into the vagina, but as long as you have had sex, it will not have any impact on your normal life, and it is very convenient to use. If you use it It's even handier if you use tampons.


How to restore the yam ball: First of all, to ensure hygiene, hands and balls must be washed, and if necessary, a little lubricating fluid can be applied. (Never use massage oil or hand cream, even if the lubricating fluid must be water-based Lubricant), not too much, because if you apply too much, it will be too slippery and easy to slip out.


Then squat or lie down, look in the mirror while slowly stuffing the restored yam ball in. Try to relax your body when stuffing. The tighter the stuffing, the harder it will be. If you have difficulty in stuffing while lying down, slightly lift the basin. The bone is put in again, but some girls are easier to put in by standing and raising one leg. After inserting the vaginal opening, you can slightly contract the vagina, try to clamp the ball in. After inserting, the depth can be adjusted by yourself, but pay attention to the distance between the ball and the body at least 2cm, and make sure that it is completely pushed to the pelvic floor muscles. Above (similar to the position of the tampon). In addition, be sure to leave a 2~3cm drawstring outside for easy removal.


When you first use it, it is recommended that you choose to take a bath at home, then put the reduced yam ball into your body, cushion it, sit or lie down, and then take a deep breath and continue to tighten the pelvic floor muscles for 5~ 10 seconds (contract the urethra, anus and perineum), then slowly relax, while relaxing, push the ball out slightly, rest for 5-10 seconds, repeat the above actions, do it continuously for 15-20 minutes, or insist on 150-200 times a day.


Because at the beginning of adapting to the reduction of yam ball, there may be obvious discomfort. During exercise, the ball will slide down, and it will often feel like peeing. At the same time, there will be a tingling pleasure. The muscles of the abdomen may be the next day. The feeling of soreness is the same as leg pain the next day after attending physical education class. It is normal.


As the exercise continues, the muscles become firmer and firmer. Generally, vaginal relaxation will be improved after 4 to 6 weeks, and there will be obvious effects after 3 months, and some of these phenomena will gradually disappear. In the beginning, you may not be able to do this amount, and the intensity and time of the exercise can be gradually increased.


After you are familiar with the use of the yam ball, you can sit or lie down, walk a little, do some housework, practice yoga or swim. At this time, you can feel the impact of the ball in the body, and the ball will be caught with the impact. Movement (constriction of the urethra, anus and perineum). According to personal preference, walk 3~5 steps once and keep walking for 20~30 minutes every day. If you sit down or lie down midway, you can switch to the above mode.


If you want to have a strong experience of restoring the weight-bearing feeling of the yam ball, you can try the action of raising your legs and running in place, 20-40 seconds at a time. While running and jumping, pay attention to the ball should be clamped at the same height. If you neglect to pay attention to the ball at this time, the restoration of the yam ball will easily slip to the vaginal opening. In this case, the effect of the training will be greatly reduced.


You can also stand with your hands on your hips, then stand on your toes, and at the same time do the ball-clamping action, 20-50 reps at a time, five times each time, so that in addition to the tightness of the lower body, you can also exercise the lower body by the way. Body curve.


There are two ways to clamp the ball: one is to clamp the ball upwards, using the clitoris as the reference point, and use the force of the pelvic floor muscles to clamp straight up; the other is to clamp the ball backwards, using the force of the pelvic floor muscles, toward the anus Direction to clamp.


In addition, different brands and types of reduced yam balls have slightly different uses. For example, Luna Beads has different sizes, quantities, and weights. You should start with a lighter single ball. In the beginning, gradually increase the weight and quantity. IMTOY Candy is a high-end reduction yam ball, and the exercise courses are completely customized according to the user's physical condition. The intensity and duration of the exercise are more scientific, regardless of the duration and frequency requirements above.


If you want to go out with the ball, especially if you wear it to work, be sure to familiarize yourself with the exercise process. In other words, you have to figure out how to use the yam ball, and then you have to pay attention to the expression control, and you have to be able to not reflect the body's sensation on the expression, especially for sensitive girls, otherwise, it will be very embarrassing. It is recommended to use it for no more than 4 hours continuously. If there is a need, you can slightly increase the duration, but in any case, you must not wear it all day, after all, the vagina is still very sensitive. If you wear it overnight, it is not necessary. On the contrary, it is dangerous to leave it for too long, and it is easy to cause abnormal leucorrhea and other conditions.


Finally, I will talk about the cleaning method to restore the yam ball. First of all, it is very important. Do not use alcohol to wipe. Long-term use will cause chemical reactions to the silica sphere. It is not recommended to use boiling water, which will cause the sphere to age, let alone disinfectant. You can clean it with clean hot water first, and then use a special detergent, or use soap, shower gel, hand sanitiser, etc. for further cleaning. If it is a detachable ball, it must be taken apart and washed.


After washing, do not use toilet paper if you dry it. The paper scraps may remain on the surface of the ball. It is best to use a non-flannel towel to dry, or you can put it to dry directly, but do not expose it to the sun.