How To Use Anal Sex Toy And Stay Alive


ANAL SEX HAS TRADITIONALLY BEEN HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL - not surprising given that many are used to being guided by images from porn instead of realistic instructions . We have already told you where to start if you are thinking about the appropriate practice in the company of a partner or partner, and now decided to understand the range of sex toys that can be used for anal penetration, and what to remember when choosing and using them. ...


Remember that the first and foremost rule of any anal penetration is a sincere and free desire: you are absolutely not obliged to try something, or even more so to endure, because "you need" or because your partner or partner wants it. Otherwise, the choice is yours, but there are many opportunities.


Sex toys for anal penetration can be used alone or paired with a partner (most importantly, do not forget about protection from infections). They are suitable for people of any gender: they will help people with a prostate to stimulate it, people without it - add new sensations. Manufacturers often mark separately that a toy is suitable for anal use, but there are those that are specifically designed for this kind of stimulation - these include, for example, butt plugs and anal beads. The former can remain inside during sex, providing additional sensations. The latter are most often used also for the effect they provide when they are pulled, for example, to enhance the sensations at the moment of orgasm.


Of course, toys that can be used for anal stimulation are not limited to beads and plugs. We will tell you what to remember when choosing and in the process, and how not to harm yourself in the pursuit of additional sensations.


How To Use Anal Sex Toy And Stay Alive


be careful


Anal penetration comes with additional risks, and if not carefully approached, it can easily turn into a painful and unpleasant experience. In addition, anal sex carries greater risks of transmitting STDs than many other types of sexual activity: mechanical damage to the anus and rectum increases the likelihood of transmission. So one of the main rules, including sex toys, is caution. You should not, for example, immediately take on serious dimensions if you are trying this type of stimulation for the first time.


Remember that anal stimulation is not limited to penetration, and you may not even need it at all. You can simply try to imitate rimming (oral-anal stimulation) using toys that mimic cunnilingus - the main thing is not to forget about protecting against infections.


Remember that there are actually two sphincters: an external one, which we feel and are able to control, and an internal one, which we cannot control by an effort of will. In a stressed state, the latter is easy to hurt or cause pain and discomfort to yourself, so carefully monitor your own feelings, even if the external sphincter is completely relaxed, this does not mean that you can act abruptly.


Use a lot of lubricant


The anus does not produce lubrication, so lubricant is a must for anal use of sex toys. It is best to take one that is specifically designed for anal sex - this stays slippery longer and does not dry out. But it is not necessary, the main thing is that the lubricant is "long-lasting". Remember that silicone-based lubricants destroy silicone (toys and condoms) - for the same reason, you should not replace special products with oil, petroleum jelly or greasy cream.


Anesthetic lubricant might sound like a good idea, but it isn't. Pain is a sure sign that something is going wrong, especially with anal stimulation; by blocking it, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to notice discomfort in time and prevent damage. For the same reason, in a similar situation, it is better to give up alcohol - it dulls the pain, and you risk not noticing it.


Take care of protection and disinfection


We have already said that anal penetration is associated with great risks of transmission, but we will repeat it again. When it comes to disinfecting sex toys, a lot depends on the material. The easiest way is if the toy is made of non-porous materials such as 100% silicone, metal or glass - they can be easily cleaned with water and soap or a special cleaner. In addition, many of them can be washed in the dishwasher, unless, of course, the toy has a battery or motor. We do not recommend boiling plastic or silicone toys .


With toys made of porous materials (cyber leather, thermoplastic rubber - TPR, polyvinyl chloride), it is more difficult: the porous material is difficult to completely disinfect, and bacteria can remain in the pores of the material after cleaning. So they definitely should not be shared with others, and even better, always use a condom with such a toy. It becomes all the more mandatory if the toy (regardless of material) is used alternately for different types of penetration or on several people. It is also important to keep track of the lubricant on the condom - silicone-based lubricant destroys the silicone of toys, and this is often used in condoms. As a safety net, you can take a condom for an ultrasound scan, without lubrication. If you have any doubts about cleaning your toys, consult the manufacturer's information.


Contrary to popular belief, an enema is not required before anal penetration - a simple shower and a balanced diet are enough. Of course, in the process, different things are possible: for your own peace of mind, you can spread a towel and stock up on napkins.


How To Use Anal Sex Toy And Stay Alive


Make sure nothing remains inside


Another golden rule of sex toys to be used anally is that they should have a restraint or stopper at the base. The reasons are very prosaic: in a calm (and normal) state, the sphincter contracts, so that a toy without a limiter can simply be pulled inward. Sex toys designed for anal sex have these - butt plugs, for example, are made with a wide base, and anal beads often have a special ring or holder. The prospect of trying as an anal sex toy, for example, a small vibro-bullet, seems tempting, but this is not the best idea - alas, jokes about proctologists getting strange objects out of the rectum did not arise out of nowhere.


If a toy can be easily disassembled into separate elements (for example, it has a screw cap and a removable battery), it also carries additional risks, that is, it can remain inside. If you plan to use it anyway, take care of safety - put a condom on it.


The toy does not have to be of uniform width


We have no doubt that you pay attention to the thickness of the toy anyway, but in the case of those that you plan to use anally, this is of particular importance. The sphincter is not as elastic as the rectum, so the toy should not have the same volume along its entire length. At the end, it should be narrower - this is what most toys designed specifically for anal sex look like. In addition, it will be easier to hold the object inside, when the sphincter is compressed, the toy will not jump out. The stopper must take care to ensure that it does not remain inside.


Careful with a ribbed surface


It is possible that fantasy tells you to try not only simple smooth toys, but also something more unusual, for example, with a ribbed surface. Be careful: there is a risk that with a sudden movement with such a device, you injure the rectum or anus. True, with anal plugs in this regard, it can be easier due to the fact that they are not intended to actively immerse and pull them out, but to stay inside.


For the same safety reasons, we recommend that you carefully study the quality of toys and do not save to the detriment of your own health. For example, experts often recommend to refuse from anal beads on a string - they are difficult to clean. If you see even more serious concerns - sharp edges, poorly made elements - all the more it is better to choose something else.