How to use a vaginal ball? Women Why shrink the yin?


Vaginal ball, also called vagina dumbbell, or vaginal yoga ball, is a kind of exercise that women put in the vagina to enhance the sensitivity and flexibility of the inner wall of the vagina and female sphincter and pelvic floor muscles, making it instantly feel like a mimosa. Immediately, the relaxation of the muscles of the vaginal wall accelerated the pleasure of the orgasm. Many women, especially postpartum women, will have the problem of vaginal relaxation, and the vaginal ball is used to solve the problem of women's vaginal relaxation through physical exercise.


Types of vaginal balls


Sex shops offer a wide variety of such products, so, as a rule, all vaginal balls are divided into several main categories:


  • Vaginal ball with shifted centre of gravity;


  • Vagina vaginal ball


  • Vaginal eggs with or without body weight;


  • Vaginal ball with vibrator-has a remote control panel, through which you can control the mode and intensity of vibration from light to large.


Practice method


The vagina shrinking effect of the vaginal ball is achieved through gradual exercise, so it takes time and persistence. Generally four months is a practice period.


  • The first month


First start training with a single ball and stick to it for 30 minutes a day. In the first use, after a few minutes of exercise, you may be afraid that the ball will slide into the body or out of the body. Please don't worry, this is because gravity will cause the sphere to move downward naturally, and the pelvic floor muscles that are stimulated will naturally contract accordingly, and will not slide into or fall out of the body.


  • Second month


In the second month, consider using another slightly heavier ball for 30 minutes of daily training. You can take it for a walk, dance or swim.


  • The third month


In the third month, you can use two balls to train together.


  • Fourth month


According to your own situation, you can develop a daily maintenance plan that is exclusive to you.


Why shrink the yin?


Generally speaking, as long as women who have given birth will have varying degrees of vaginal relaxation. The loose vagina itself will lead to a decrease in sexual pleasure, because the loose vagina cannot "tighten" the penis during sex, which results in both partners being unable to enjoy the pleasure of sex. The vaginal ball is to exercise the vagina through the Kegel exercise principle, and restore the contraction force of the vagina to the prenatal period. In addition, vaginal relaxation can greatly increase the risk of women suffering from gynecological diseases. This is because the vagina is too loose, which makes it easier for bacteria to enter, and a loose vagina will cause the vagina's self-purification ability to decrease. The vaginal ball can gradually restore the firmness of the female vagina.


How to use


  • Find the PC muscle (called pelvic floor muscle in Chinese)


  • Find your own PC muscle. This only needs to work hard to hold back urination when going to the bathroom. At this time, the muscles that contract in the genitals are the PC muscles. After you find it, you can use the vaginal ball for different exercise programs.


  • Put in vaginal ball


  • If the vaginal ball is used for the first time, a small amount of water-soluble lubricant can be applied to the front end of the ball.


  • Lie on your back, relax your mind, and push the vaginal ball into your body with a little force. If it is difficult, try to lift the pelvis slightly and push it in again.


  • If it is difficult to insert the vaginal ball, you can use lubricant to assist


Some tips for choosing to buy


When choosing a vaginal ball, it is important to consider the size and weight of the ball. The heavier vaginal ball requires more strength to stretch the vaginal muscles. This means that the exercise will be as intense as possible. However, medium-sized or small vaginal balls are most suitable for "warming up" or as a fun sex toy.


If you have never used a vaginal ball, and you have already given birth, it is best to choose a large-size product during the initial training. This will allow you to keep the vaginal ball inside and gradually learn to control the movements, squeeze and loosen the muscles of the vagina.