how to tell secret desire you want


In every relationship there comes a moment when vanilla sex is bored and you want to show all your imagination. But how can you tell your partner about it? Suppose that your first sex is far behind and your desires are bursting out and they are far from harmless, how to tell about them? Of course, you will be very lucky if he thinks in the same way, but suddenly not and what to do? You can, of course, take and lay out everything that you think in the forehead. But I will not give a 100% guarantee that in 5 minutes he will not run away screaming "pervert". Let's try to prepare it and check it out.


1. Submission / Control


Let's say you like easy submission, not hard BDSM, as you saw in 50 shades of gray (the girls show what they show is very painful !!! Think carefully). During foreplay, try to start to pull out, wriggle, if he squeezes your hands or lets you move less, then you can be sure he likes it, and for 100% confidence, keep one hand on his pulse, he will definitely let you know correctly You act or not. Regarding management, I’m probably not an advisor here, but sometimes it’s good to manage the process, but if my macho suggests me to use something like a strap -on, I will run away without getting dressed.


2.Hard BDSM


Here things are more complicated, you can return to the same "50 shades of gray" . For example, tell about how you liked this book and not because of the fact that a girl is beaten there with whips , but because of great love. And that it was for the sake of love that the girl agreed to this, and you would have done exactly the same! Follow the reaction, order a soft whip to start with and start using it just by playing, periodically let it appear in his field of vision. Over time, she will be in your bed)




Present it as variety. If you come out of the shower dressed as a seductive maid , I think he will be delighted. At first you will like it, but then you will get bored, this is a wonderful way to diversify your sex life from time to time, but on an ongoing basis it is boring.


4. Double penetration


I'm not about group sex, but about sex with a loved one. But if you really want to get an orgasm both vaginally and anally - as an option, you can introduce vibro bullets or a vibrating egg into your life . Offer him a remote control bullet for a start and use it vaginally on a visit. Trust me, he'll love it. After a couple of days, he will love her. Then she will accidentally end up in your bed. Then just try to say that you want to try it anally, he is unlikely to refuse you. Further it is easier, she is where it is necessary and he is near and all that remains for you is to go to sex. A bullet during sex will please not only you, but also him, and she will become your constant companion.


5. Threesome


But here girls, I'm not your advisor) Personally, I can never share it with someone, I will be provided with a couple of years in prison. But if you do not have such a sense of ownership and you are ready to share your only one with someone, try to buy a doll first, let it become your first rival in bed.


My beloved girls, do not be shy about your desires! I don’t think there are guys who will refuse the experiment, it’s interesting for both you and him. He also has his own thoughts, try to find out his desires. Try forfeits , they will help you discover secret desires in the game, listen to his answers, to his words, each of them has something that will help you guess his desire. Every girl should be a queen in society, a hostess in the kitchen and a whore in bed! Remember this, and your man will never turn his head the other way.