How to sex games with wax


Exciting and passionate practice with hot wax is one of the most sensual, sexy and seductive BDSM games. Sex candles are getting more and more attention, and this game is called hot melt. Despite the popularity, few people know how to choose the right candles, how to use them, and what sensations you can get.


How to choose the right candles for sex?


  • 1. The main composition of candles for sexual pleasures is stearin, which comes with an admixture with paraffin. Wax and gel candles have a very high melting point, droplets of molten liquid can leave burns on the skin. Special compositions for thermal glue or paraffin candles only heat up to 60 degrees. They do not adversely affect the skin, and the risk of getting burns is minimal.
  • 2. You should not choose expensive candles that have a long burning time. They have a higher melting point, and the material itself is dense and viscous. And then there are candles that evaporate. They are totally unsuitable for sexual practice.
  • 3. Special massage candles have a low melting point. On contact with the skin, the wax melts. It can be easily "rubbed" into the skin, and there will be no traces. Such candles are absolutely safe, and not only relax, but also awaken desires, increase arousal.


Don't be afraid to stain your sheet with wax. Traces can be easily removed with a hot iron. But under it you need to put napkins, which, after melting the wax, will absorb it.


By using hot-melt candles, you need to get rid of shyness and fear. The sensations that you get during the games are incomparable to anything else. To do this, you need to relax as much as possible and just enjoy the process. For those who use candles during love games, the first drops should be made at a distance of a meter from the skin. This will help relieve the fear of getting burned.


How to use spark plugs?


  • As the candle is tilted, the flame will melt the wax more intensely. With each turn of the toy, drops will increasingly fall on the skin, causing a unique sensation.
  • Drops should not cause discomfort and burning , but only warmth and light adrenaline.
  • To please your partner, do not drip wax into one area .
  • Change the temperature of the drops. To do this, just slowly lower and raise the candle above the body.


Start playing with wax slowly. The first drops should be done on not too sensitive areas of the skin. For example, on the shoulder blades, buttocks. Then you can change the place of exposure. The heat is most felt in the coccyx area, on the spine, on the nipples, and on the genitals. These places can be bypassed at the beginning of the practice.


The first drops should be single drops from a sufficient height. This will not hurt and will allow the recipient to relax. Then you can increase the intensity of the fall of the molten mass. But it is not recommended to pour out a large stream. The drops cool down quickly, but the "puddle" keeps the temperature and can burn very hard.


Do not increase the temperature too much. It is not recommended to bring the candle closer to the body by more than 40 cm. Since in a fit of passion, you may not notice that paraffin leaves marks on the skin.


How to remove wax from the body?


Temperature games can be divided into 2 stages. The first is molten mass casting. This is the most sensual stage. But after it, drops or smudges of paraffin remain on the skin.


The second step is to remove these traces. There are people who, with great pleasure, very slowly scrape off the remains of a candle from their skin. The action is similar to massage. But not everyone appreciates this stage.


If you don't want to slowly remove anything with your hands, you can just go to the shower and clean everything with soap and a washcloth.


Thermal adhesive safety


Playing with wax can be dangerous. It's important to stick to simple rules.


  • There should be a damp towel or jug of water near the experiment site. An accidentally overturned candle can ignite and it is important to extinguish it immediately.
  • It is important to do some small tests before using the candle. You need to put a few drops on your wrist. This will allow you to estimate the temperature of the mass. This is especially important if the composition of the candle is unknown. For example, wax can cause third-degree burns almost instantly. It is very hot and not suitable for experimentation in bed.
  • Do not drip wax onto your face. Redness can last from several minutes to several days. And it is especially dangerous to get paraffin in the eyes.
  • If burns suddenly appear, they should be immediately treated with special preparations. Panthenol helps a lot. This is white foam that is poured over the affected areas.
  • It is necessary to closely monitor the behavior of the host. At some point, he may fall into a trance and not control his feelings. He will not interfere with the impact, even if it is too painful. It is important to monitor this behavior and control the process, avoiding burns.
  • It is not recommended for beginners to drip wax onto mucous membranes. For example, the genitals feel heat more intensely than other parts of the body, and burns in such places are immediately invisible. And here it is important to have sufficient experience so as not to harm your partner.


Thermopluy is a unique practice that brings partners as close as possible, increases trust between them. Playing with molten wax will help you experience real excitement and pleasure, as well as open up new facets of sexual pleasures. It is better to start experiments with special massage candles so that the process is safe and painless.