How to persuade her to anal?


Not all women agree to anal sex. But this does not mean that you cannot persuade them. If you find the right approach, then everything will definitely work out. There are several surefire ways to lead her to this experience, and also to make her enjoy it.


Why Anal Sex?


Why are men so eager for anal sex? First, the forbidden fruit is always sweet. And the more she resists, the more interesting the victory at the end. Secondly, there is a desire to possess your woman completely. And admission to all holes is proof of her trust and love. It's also an interesting experience that not everyone has experienced, and it's worth trying.


Physiologically, the anus is a very strong muscle, it grips the penis with great strength. These experiences are difficult to compare with vaginal or oral sex. And although there is no feeling that you are resting against something, the head and trunk are massaged very intensively.


For women, anal sex is also a very pleasant experience. It may or may not lead to orgasms, but it creates a special emotional background. This experience brings you closer, makes the relationship stronger. This sex is more gentle. It requires a long foreplay, and men are ready for it for the sake of such an experience.


How to offer her anal sex?


There are two ways how to persuade her to anal. The first is a direct offer. Conversation can be effective, but in most cases it only turns the lady off. It is suitable only for couples who experiment a lot, communicate honestly and do not hide anything from each other.


The second is leading the girl to an experiment without a direct suggestion. In the process, she herself will understand everything, but the right actions will not give her the opportunity to refuse. With this approach, everything is much easier. It is he who helps to persuade her to anal. But it only requires a lot of time and effort. It is about him that will be discussed further.


Mistakes when offering her anal sex


A man can make a number of mistakes when trying to persuade him to anal. They greatly diminish his chances. They should be avoided under any conditions:


  • Never offer her anal at the moment when you are already in bed and there are a few moments left before the introduction of the penis. The phrase "Maybe in the ass today?" may sound if such a joint experience has already been. If it was not there, it will lead to her strong tension. It takes time for a woman to prepare both mentally and physically. And when she realizes that he can enter a narrow hole with one movement, it scares her. And even the mood for vaginal sex disappears.
  • No need to ask about her anal experience. This puts her in an awkward position. If there was, then it's like an invitation to repeat. If not, then this is a story about something new that can give her a lot of pleasure. However she answers, there will be some pressure from the questioner, and this will not increase the chances of success.
  • You shouldn't tell her that if she gives up anal sex, then you will try it with someone else. Threats and blackmail sometimes work, but there is a chance that she will refuse to communicate with you altogether. Fear of anal can defeat love for a man, so you need to act very delicately.


Why do women refuse anal sex?


To persuade her to anal, you need to understand why she refuses. Of course, there can be many reasons, but most of them can be grouped into several categories:


  • Prejudice. From childhood, people develop an attitude towards certain actions, parts of the body. And if once the girl heard that sex is bad, she carries this conviction. And if she cannot refuse the usual intercourse, then she is ready to reject anal. With such blocks, you can hear the phrases: "Pop is an exit, not an entrance", "Only prostitutes give in the ass", "This hole is not for sex." At the same time, a person cannot substantiate his beliefs, he adopts them from others, without forming his own opinion.
  • Fear of getting dirty. Feces have an unpleasant odor. And the understanding that a man can feel it or even see the remnants of food on his penis is terrifying. Disgust can completely block sexual arousal. The fear of dirt is superficial, but inside a person is afraid that, having seen him in an unsightly light, a loved one will leave, cannot bear such a sight.
  • Distrust in a partner. Some things women are ready to do only with very close people. Surprisingly, vaginal sex is considered less intimate than anal sex. Only a select few are treated to such a delicacy. And if a woman doubts a man, if she does not trust him completely, she may simply not agree to anal on principle. In this case, the refusal is not justified, it just sounds like a harsh "no".
  • Bad experience. It is more difficult to persuade her to anal if she has already tried it, but she did not like it. If there were unpleasant physical or mental sensations, then a special approach is required.


There may be other reasons, and they are easy to find out in a conversation. But not in proposing a new experience, but in discussing an article, video, film. It's much easier to discuss attitudes about other people's actions.


How to start persuading her to anal?


If you find out the reason for the refusal or even understand that there are two or more of them, then you need to start acting in such a way as to remove fears. If she is afraid of dirt, and in the end, to be abandoned because of the unsightly moment, then you need to convince her that she likes it in any form. You can stain her in ice cream, bathe in medicinal mud or other liquids, and then convince her that this only decorates her. And the fear will start to recede.


If she doesn't trust, then it just needs more time. And sometimes it is worth figuring out what exactly does not suit her and eliminating the reason for not close relationships. Bad experiences and prejudices are harder to deal with. But the gradual technique of persuading her to anal should help with this.


Psychological preparation for the first anal sex


People are interested in experiments. Therefore, you need to properly prepare the soil. This can be done through videos, conversations, articles. It is recommended to watch movies with beautiful anal sex scenes. You need to choose not porn, but erotica. And this choice should seem random.


No need to show her a photo or video of the process. This does not always excite a woman. But you can discuss the personal life of a star or acquaintances. And let the information about anal slip somewhere. First, she will understand that others, and not just porn stars, are doing it. Secondly, it can really become interesting - how is it?


If there is a lot of information about anal sex at once, it will be suspicious. Therefore, the preparatory stage should last from several weeks to several months. And all references to unusual sex should be associated with something pleasant. The topic “divorce due to refusal of anal sex” is unfortunate, it is worth choosing harmonious stories where this type of sex is presented as tempting and attractive.


Physical actions to persuade her to anal


Before anal sex, you will need to prepare her. Both words and actions will be used. And you need to understand that the first anal sex may not happen immediately. But the more leisurely the preparation is, the more likely she will like it and want to repeat it.


The first stage is caressing the anus.This should be done slowly, as if in between. Butt stroking can be very enjoyable. Touching the space between the buttocks with the tongue can cause chic experiences. But at the same time, you should not immediately try to break inside. It should just be accustomed to the fact that you can touch it in this place. And also let her know that you are not at all disgusted with it and even really like it. This stage can last from 2-3 days to several weeks. When she stops pinching, hesitating, pushing her hands away, you can proceed to the next stage.


The second stage is the immersion of the fingers. When you plan to introduce something inside, you need a high-quality lubricant. Buy a lubricant not for anal, but universal... Explain to her that the glide will be smoother with it during vaginal sex. Really use it for that, and when the time is right, use it for the butt. Finger immersion is best done at the time of her maximum arousal. For example, during cunnilingus, you can gently begin to insert your index finger into her ass. This should be done when she is almost ready to cum. Such movements can enhance her orgasm if she is no longer shy about your hands in such a tender place. You can also insert a finger during vaginal sex. But if she doesn't mind, it's worth stopping.


The introduction of the first finger is a crucial moment. If it hurts, she will never let you go. Therefore, it is important to do everything very slowly. And yet - no forward movements. One has only to enter one phalanx inside, and you need to stop. She needs to get used to feeling full. All active movements can be left for later. Sometimes the addiction comes quickly, and sometimes it is worth repeating it many times.


Stage three - the second finger. When she no longer resists penetration into her ass, the hole should be widened. Here you can work with your hands, but it is better to offer her a sex toy. Small butt plugs are ideal for this. She can be presented with a sex toy with rhinestones , which is a great decoration. And it is she who will prepare the narrow hole for the introduction of the penis.


If anal sleeve it does not agree, to persuade her to anal sex can be shipped within a couple of fingers. It is better to make circular movements, as if stretching the hole. Again, it is not recommended to move back and forth. And all caresses should be combined with kisses, gentle words, stimulation of other zones.


The fourth stage is the first penetration. If the fingers inside her no longer interfere, it's time to move on to more decisive actions. It is already worth buying a lubricant with an anesthetic . Anal sex is always a little painful since the penis is not a finger. But it is the anesthetic lubricant that completely removes the unpleasant sensations. Apply it in advance - 10-15 minutes before the process. And this is just the time for fondling and tongue caresses. And only then you can enter it.


The ideal position for first anal sex is from behind. But you need to arrange yourself so that the movements are guided by a woman. The penis should be placed between the buttocks, but do not rush into it. You can press a little on the hole, but not submerge. Light vibrations of bodies may be present, but as a result, she will begin to make the main movements. And the woman will set the pace for the introduction. And here a stable erection is very important.


The first time you put the head inside and stop. Again, it takes time for her to get used to the sensation inside her body. It is worth waiting again for it to start moving and act to the beat. But the first time you should not perform strong frictions. It is likely that the male orgasm will come very strongly, but it is important to refrain from the "jerk" at this moment. Of course, the desire to "plant deeper" will be, but such a movement can ruin everything. Leave it for next time.


How to persuade her to anal: rules of conduct


  • The most important thing at the time of its preparation is not to scare. If she cannot relax, the chances are low that she will agree. Therefore, at any stage, it is important to listen to her words, to follow her feelings.
  • If she tells you to stop, you need to do it instantly. But only without sudden movements. It is not recommended to pull out fingers or penis from the inside. First stop, then slow retrieve.
  • If it hurts, then the hole is not stretched enough. Spend more time preparing. And one more thing: use a special lubricant, not improvised means.
  • It can be stopped by the feeling that you want to go to the toilet. It can appear during the first experiments. In these cases, stops are important. If you freeze, the feeling in the body disappears. Such experiences are natural, but they will disappear in the future.
  • Never focus on secretions or odors. If she realizes that you immediately want to wash, wipe your penis or hands, she may become disgusted. Behave naturally, do not give her a reason to think that the untidiness of the process scares you. And it is imperative to take a shower afterwards, but it shouldn't look like getting rid of something terribly nasty.
  • Never alternate between anal and vaginal sex. Bacteria from the anus should not enter the vagina. Therefore, first - a shower, and then vaginal sex.
  • Don't do anal often. Do not persuade her a second time that evening. And after the first anal sex, rest for a few days. The feeling of discomfort after such contact can be present from several hours to several days, and repetitions are not recommended until it completely disappears.
  • If a woman has bowel problems, the process should be postponed. She herself will tell about it, and there is no need to insist. If she feels uncomfortable, sex can be terrible.
  • You can have anal sex during your period. This is a great alternative for critical days. But don't forget about condoms.


How to have anal sex for the first time? How to persuade a wife to have anal sex? You need to act slowly, trying to remove all her fears. It is important to let her know that this experience will bring you closer, will give you a lot of pleasant impressions. And if she really trusts you, then she will definitely agree. And then it will only depend on your actions - whether such sex will become permanent in your couple.