How to perform anal sex correctly?


How to perform anal sex correctly? I believe in addition to normal vaginal sex, can also try alternatives. The following will introduce you to how to insert anal sex correctly. You can take a look if you are interested.


Most of the themes of men in sex should go to the vagina, but in addition, they can also enjoy oral sex, breast sex, and anal sex. However, there are very few people who should try anal sex. Many people feel that they will be infected and feel sick. For those who want to try anal sex, do you know how to insert it correctly? Today I will introduce you to how to insert anal sex correctly. Friends who are ready to try new ways to play can refer to these sex skills.


First, the correct insertion guide for anal sex


Anal sex is lagging behind on the wish list of most women, because most women still regard it as a taboo position, and feel that using this position is painful/will catch some disgusting things/the most The bad thing is that they will be treated roughly. But this does not mean that no one will try.


According to the survey, about 43% of women have tried anal sex, but less than 30% find it pleasant. Anal sex is also a high-risk behaviour, so you must use a strong condom to protect yourself when you do it, and you must take your time. The tissues in the anal area are very fragile and inelastic (unlike the vagina), so they are easy to tear.


1. Technology


Anal sex between males and males, males and females: The inserted party must have control. Since anal sex and foreplay can spread STDs, you should wear a condom before your partner’s penis comes into close contact with your anal area-even if he does not insert it.


Put a lot of lubricant on the condom on your partner’s penis and your anal area. I suggest you sit on top of your partner so you can maintain control. When the head of his penis is inserted into your anus, the internal and external sphincter muscles will contract, and you will feel a sharp pain. Stop here! Within 30 to 60 seconds, your muscles will relax, and then you can safely let his penis continue to penetrate. Move up and down a few times, and your sphincter muscles will relax enough so that you can switch to any position you like.


Don't stimulate your own penis when you let your partner's penis into it. This will trigger a strong reflex and make your sphincter contract even more.


Anal sex between women: There is no difference in the physiology and structure of the anal canal between men and women, so there is no big difference in technology. Lesbians should wear latex gloves or condoms when they sexually stimulate the anus with their hands or sex toys. If you don't pay attention to hygiene, it is easy to spread sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, it is necessary to use a large amount of lubricant.


2. Practice


Anal sex is very painful for most women because it is difficult to relax the anal muscles (to relax two sphincters at the same time). To overcome this, the best way is to apply more lubricant, first, insert a finger and rest for a minute, and then push inward. This will help relax the sphincter, and it will be easier when the penis enters. I also suggest that you use these best positions:


(1) Lie on your back with a pillow under your buttocks. You can put your hand under the thigh and lift the thigh back to increase the curvature of the body and make it easier for him to enter.


(2) Or sit on him and press down the penis.


(3) Or adopt a posture that enters from the rear.