How to make your erection stronger


Now, if you've been driven by the title, let's calm your excitement for a moment. From now on, I'll show you how to get your erection to its peak.


Facts you didn't know about erection


1. There are three types of erections  The moments of ejaculation are similar each time. However, there are three types of processes leading to circumstances. The most common erection is reflexive erection' by physical contact. The second is spiritual erection' by sight or imagination. The last is a night erection' that occurs in the deep REM sleep stage. Night erections are not sexually stimulated erections.


2. Healthy men have several erections while sleeping. A healthy men's penis has three to five-night erections even during sleep. It may last for about 30 minutes.


3. There is no connection between the size of the penis and the foot.  Because of this crappy superstition, there is no need to deliberately wear large shoes when going on a blind date. The size of the penis and feet are completely irrelevant. Confirmed by the British Journal of Urology.


4. The smaller the penis, the larger the width during erection. Don't worry about the small penis. Although it varies slightly from person to person, some penis will more than double when erect. The congenital small penis has a larger width when erect than a large penis.


5. The original penis is curved  Most men's penis is slightly curved. You can also bend to one side while getting an erection. It's normal. However, if the bent area hurts, it could be Peyronie's disease. In this case, consult a urologist.


6. Women are really not obsessed with male penis size. They don't care at all.


Physical method for a strong erection


1. Smoking cessation Smoking tobacco can damage the blood vessels of the penis due to poisonous substances. If you want a healthy sleep, start with quitting smoking.


2. Aerobic exercise  Aerobic exercise cleans the blood vessels. In addition, exercise to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor (the lowest part of the pelvis) can help with an erection.


3.  Drinking Excessive drinking adversely affects the nervous system and penis. However, moderate drinking will relax your muscles. It can also give vitality to an erection.


4. Strength training  Testosterone is a representative male hormone. But if you have a lot of body fat, testosterone is converted to estrogen. Strength training can help reduce body fat and prevent loss of testosterone.


5. Berries intake  Like blueberries, dark red berries contain anthocyanin, which lowers the level of free radicals. Therefore, it helps the blood in the penis to circulate smoothly.


6. Blood vessel management  Blood pressure and cholesterol levels that affect blood vessels should be managed. If blood vessel damage is minimized through constant management, you can have an erection full of strength even in middle age.


7. Abstention from masturbation Let's refrain from masturbation and sex. You can have a bigger, harder penis. If you ejaculate several times a day and your penis is weak during an erection, wait for a few days.


8. Enough rest The best medical advice is rest. Rest is the most important. Enough rest will energize your penis.


Mental method for a strong erection


1. Stress control You must control your own mind so that you do not get stressed. This is because stress is very closely related to the nervous system that stimulates erections.


2. Comfortable relationships with a partner are a guarantee of a strong erection.


3. Depression treatment  Depressed and tense state, as well as self-esteem, lowers sexual function. If you have these symptoms, you should seek psychiatric treatment as soon as possible. Consider prescribing medication if necessary.


4. Abstaining from pornography  Proper viewing of pornography stimulates sexual intercourse. On the other hand, watching too much stimulating porn can make real sex feel dull. Do anything in moderation.