How to make masturbation more exciting


Most of the men on the planet practice masturbation. Someone rarely resorts to it, someone often. But the use of this method of obtaining pleasure has nothing to do with the presence or absence of a partner. After all, such actions sometimes just help relieve stress , distract from everyday worries, or simply get sexual release , which is urgently needed.


It so happened that a man spends very little time on this process. Childhood habit forces you to rush. But one has only to show imagination, and the process will become much more fun. Finding a little more time is worth it to get it perfect.


New movements - the path to unusual orgasms


Statistics claim that most men masturbate with one hand, and they rarely change movements. Of course, in their youth, everyone tried dozens of kinds of ways to masturbate., but settled on only a couple of options. But why not try experimenting again? Of course, the first impression will be very strange from movements with the other hand or with a new grip, but do not rush, because you need to get used to it a little, and then the sensations will be very exciting. The second hand in the process can also be involved. There are a huge number of sensitive areas in the perineum. You can massage the scrotum to increase the power of arousal. It is recommended to stroke the sensitive area between the testicles and the anus, pressing in this place can stimulate the prostate, and gentle touching the anus can create many new impressions.


And you can masturbate in different positions... Unusual sensations occur when a man is on all fours or squatting. You can also try lying on your side, standing, sitting on surfaces of different heights.


Nice helpers


To make masturbation enjoyable, it is recommended not to forget about lubrication. A good lubricant will not only enhance the sensation, but also avoid minor injuries. You can use a silicone-based lubricant , its plus is that it does not dry out, it does not have to be added often.


Choosing a lubricant with a warming or cooling effect creates a completely unusual experience. Of course, you can use ice or a warm heating pad during the process, but a special tool is much easier to use.


A cock ring is not just a toy for two. She puts on a horny member, and does not let him cum too quickly. With its help, orgasm can be delayed for quite a long time. Choosing a ring with vibration for masturbation is not worth it, such a toy gives more pleasure to a woman, but it definitely helps to lengthen the process. The combination of penis caresses and anal stimulation can give new sensations. Modern prostate massagershave a special shape that gives pleasure to a man even without intense movements. Their use opens up the opportunity to experience super-orgasms, it is only important not to be afraid to experiment. The butt plug is also capable of replacing the massager , it will give a feeling of fullness and slight stretching in such a sensitive place.


Genital analogs


To make the process of self-gratification very sensual, it is worth considering buying a masturbator . Modern models are created from special materials that perfectly imitate a woman's bosom or anus. Penetration into such a toy gives pleasant stimulation. You can choose not only a realistic model, but also a vibrating one. Each masturbator has its own functions, some imitate sucking movements, others penetrate into various female holes.


The masturbator can be compact and easily fit in the palm of your hand, or it can be quite large, imitating a part of the body. For example, mega masturbators can combine several holes and be very similar to a real woman, isn't it nice to have a separate ass? And for lovers of realistic things, it is worth choosingsex doll.


Masturbation is a process of getting pleasure, it is important at such a moment to start experimenting in order to discover new facets of pleasure.