How to lose weight with sex toys!


Modern sex products not only help to get pleasure, they can also be used to improve the figure. High-quality sex contributes to weight loss, and the impact occurs on several levels at once: physical and psychological. But to maximize the effect, you need to choose the right sex toys.


Losing weight during sex in couples


Scientists have shown that during intercourse, the active partner loses from 150 to 300 kcal. The exact amount depends on the duration. The calculation was carried out, taking into account the indicators of hundreds of pairs, their proximity lasted from 7 to 24 minutes. So, for 15 minutes of sex, you can lose 250 calories. What do you need to do for this? Move! You need to actively participate in choosing the best posture. For a woman, it is easiest to lead the process in the riding position, for a man - in the knee-elbow position.


250 callas is half a bar of chocolate or 2 cups of unflavored milk ice cream. With such a loss of energy, losing weight is difficult, the effect will be only with an increase in the load. How to do it? For example, an orgasm is 50 kcal for a man and 100 kcal for a woman. And if there are not one, but two or more, we can already talk about a positive result. Repetitive movements can train a specific muscle group. By choosing a certain position, you can increase the impact on your back, arms, legs, or abs. A single workout of such a plan will not give results, but if you repeat it regularly, the affected area will first tighten, and then begin to take on new shapes.


And during sex, metabolism is stimulated. The pulse quickens, the blood begins to move faster, as a result, all processes in the body are accelerated. Digestion, blood circulation, excretory system are stimulated. As a result, the body activates internal reserves that improve general condition, restore muscle elasticity, and remove fatigue. Emotionally, sex is also reassuring. After an exciting intimacy, the feeling of anxiety decreases, stress recedes. This affects weight loss, because there is no need to "seize" the problem. Reducing stress makes it much easier to tolerate diet or additional physical activity.


How to increase stress during sex


Sex cannot replace a full workout. For example, in a gym, a person loses up to 800 kcal per hour. It is almost impossible to achieve a similar effect. But why not bring the indicators to at least 400-500 calories per intercourse? It will be an essential addition to other weight loss methods.


Wumbling . Strengthening the vaginal muscles is a physical exercise. For 15 minutes of work, a woman spends from 30 to 60 kcal. Tightening and relaxing the muscles of the anus and perineum will not help you lose weight, but it will help improve circulation and sensuality. Classes should be performed with vaginal balls or Kegel machines . They will help you achieve a noticeable result. And if this load is combined with other workouts, the effect will be great.


Increase the load during masturbation for a woman . A hand-held vibrator is convenient, you can sit with it anywhere, almost no movement is needed. But you just need to replace it with a special pillow with a phallus Inflatable Luv Log, and the loads will immediately increase. Using it in the riding position, you can spend at least 200 calories before the first orgasm. At the same time, additional vibration will help to finish not once, but many times. And this is already really energy-consuming!


Suction cup dildos can also help increase movement. You can fix them on any flat surface. To feel the tension of the muscles, it is better to choose rigid supports. If you fix it vertically, then you will use the muscles of the thighs. For example, squatting will tighten the muscles of the buttocks, and after several months of such exercises, the ass will be more elastic and rounded. If you strengthen them on the wall, the press and back muscles will work.


How to masturbate with a load for a man?In this case, you need to choose not a manual masturbator, but one that can be installed on any flat surface. Mega masturbators are not only very realistic but also very practical. It is easy to move with them, choosing different poses. By placing the toy on the table, you can use the muscles of the legs and abs. If you put the device on a bed, the back will be heavily loaded. And you can also lean on your hands in different ways, so that this part of the body also participates.


Couples sex toys for weight loss. To lose weight as a couple, you can use a sex swing . They support the weight of the partner completely, but why not try to maintain the weight on your own? In this case, the swing will be an excellent insurance. A slimming man can slightly lift his lady, thereby increasing the load. A woman, on the other hand, is able, in certain positions, to lean on her hands, transferring all the weight to them, and this will also increase the expenditure of calories.


You can also increase the load by making sex a frequent practice. If you arrange erotic games not once a week, but daily, this will also give a result. But in order to realize this, it is necessary to return passion to the relationship, to make intimacy desired. And erotic costumes will already help with this ,sexy lingerie , vibrators for couples , massage oils , sex toys for BDSM experiments .


Sex is a pleasant stress. It is not worth using it instead of a gym or jogging, but if you combine proper nutrition, exercise and pleasant intimacy, very quickly the body shapes will acquire the necessary volumes, the muscles will tone up, and the mood will improve!