How to let the wife massage the prostate with her hands


Prostate massage is an effective way to prevent and treat the most serious disease in all men-prostatitis, which can lead to complete sexual dysfunction. In addition, prostate massage may be a delightful erotic variety in a partner's sex life.

For this kind of massage, men will not be in vain, and the facts have proved that it is not in vain. Usually, in medical institutions, there is nothing to say about getting real pleasure from prostate massage. The gloved fingers of a nurse or doctor will produce the slightest friction on the human body. Although lubricating these fingers can make the fingers penetrate comfortably, it still feels similar to rubbing dry spots on the surface of the stove with abrasive powder. Just considering how a man feels at this moment, I don't even want to think about massage.

The other thing is to touch the prostate with the hands of your beloved partner. Although it is awkward at first, it is more ideal and safer to perform this operation carefully.

Prostate massage technique

The main content of the prostate massage technique is to completely relax men. To do this, you must first gently massage the buttocks and back, and then gradually move to the perineum. I want the penetration to be as comfortable as possible, which is what makes the man nervous and stiff. For this reason, it is recommended to use moisturizing gel and lubricant, and let the man stand at the knee and elbow position or spread his legs.

Next, we lubricate the fingers with lubricant and then introduce it into the human anus in slow motion. It is also important to lubricate the anus with a lot of gel. It is necessary to enter it into the end-a depth of about 3-5 cm (mm) to get you used to previously unknown sensations. After that, you can start "searching" for glands. It is located on the front wall in the form of a tangible structure the size of a small walnut.

You need to massage gently and listen to the man's reaction. If he is uncomfortable, he can add a little lubricant. By the way, in order to relax the body and mind, it is recommended that you use aromatherapy candles and massage oils, which will make you feel the desired mood. The massage movement should be directed from the periphery to the central groove between the left and right lobes of the prostate and proceed from top to bottom, or imitate the inverted "eight-shaped".

When the prostate gets bigger and closes in real-time, it means that orgasm is approaching. Of course, you can touch a man's penis, but when the female's movements are concentrated there, prostate massage is an indescribable pleasure. Wavy jerks indicate excitement and a long-awaited orgasm.

External prostate massage

That is, no penetration is required. During arousal, the prostate enlarges and is easily felt in the area between the anus and the testicles. Gentle massage, gradual pressure and vibration, and other caresses will make prostate massage unforgettable and transform this pleasure into a new desired element of male sex games.

If you use other stimulators, vibrators and other sex toys, the process may become more interesting.