How to enjoy casual sex


I'm totally against the idea of ​​having sex only with loved ones. For me, sex is like basketball, an activity that can be enjoyed alone or with other people in different ways of playing. And the pick-up basketball game caught suddenly is quite fresh. After four years of being with one dedicated partner, they know so well what each other wants in sex. Now they can express good and bad. There is no fear of expressing what you want. That's great, of course, but often sex leads to memorized patterns. Impromptu sex is completely unpredictable, so it's fun.


Of course, spontaneous, casual sex can sometimes be too strange, or too awkward to be painful. There are many people who have had a sad one-night stand experience that was not at all enjoyable. But with a little effort, casual sex can be a new and novel pleasure. Sharing a sexy mood with a new person gives us excitement. However, casual sex is like delicate soap bubbles that can burst easily, so there are some guidelines you need to follow to enjoy casual sex.


Like Boy Scouts, they always prepare in advance.


When you're ready for casual sex, prepare thoroughly, assuming you're always in your space with someone else. You may inevitably make love in other places, but you always need to keep your space clean and prepare for unexpected situations. Preparing attitude is more important than cleanliness. Bring at least one towel. Toiletries don't have to be too expensive or too luxurious, but they should show a lot of sincerity to make the guest feel comfortable. And above all, don't forget the most important condom. Keep condoms in a safe place. If you are in a difficult situation when you don't have a condom, ask the other person for your patience and get the best quality condom. Have as many different types of condoms as possible and change them every day. If you plan on enjoying casual sex, don't forget that condoms are always the most important thing.


Keep the relationship light.


Casual sex like delicate mousse cream breaks easily when you have too many thoughts. The most important thing to enjoy casual sex is to be fluffy and light. It's not a place to talk about your twisted family history. The purpose of casual sex should be only aggressive sex. Of course, having a drink over a light topic conversation is allowed in a good bar. “Where did you live when you were younger?” Or, a very light, conversational question, such as "What do you do?" can set the mood. You don't have to boring someone with a heavy topic. Keep the atmosphere as light as possible. I like my favorite movies, books, and music. However, never bring out bitcoin investment strategies or SAT scores. You may want to show a video of your dog jumping over a tree to catch a squirrel. You only need to avoid heavy and deep topics. Be careful not only in conversations, but also in activities you do together. Like a date, eat together, watch a movie, and avoid going to museums or art galleries.


Don't play around with spices.


In the movie Ratatouille, there is a scene where Linguini criticizes Remy for playing with spices'. Casual sex is not a stage where you can realize your unconditional fantasy. “I've never had car sex before. There is a big difference between the suggestion of "Shall we try it?" and "Shall we soak our feet in hardcore sex?" It's okay to add a little bit of excitement to maintain a casual sex relationship, but normal sex that doesn't make each other's mind uncomfortable is good. Again, casual sex is not a test of kinky fantasy.


If you want to continue a casual relationship after your first relationship, ask honestly.


Just because you slept with someone you met on a dating app or at a close friend's party, you don't have to talk to them the next day. One-night sex should be left endless. If you are attracted only sexually, not just as the opposite sex, it is necessary to adhere to some goodness. Especially if you have to see each other in other places besides sleeping. In that case, you can ask: “Are you okay with a casual relationship? It's okay if you don't agree. I just wanted to ask if you want the relationship I want.” Once you've reached an agreement on a sexual relationship, let's create a few more rules. After all, in order to maintain casual sex, you need some rules for each other.


Don't stay with your partner for long after sex.


Maintaining a close relationship constantly creates intimacy regardless of whether you want it or not. If you hang out for a long enough time, you end up with friends who regularly have sex. And, spending it together until the next day, finally coming! You will find yourself choosing a childish card for Valentine's Day without even knowing it. However, there is no need to jump down the window of the 5th-floor house like <Mission Impossible> without wearing pants as soon as sex is over. However, I would like to advise you that you should be aware that if you eat breakfast together or watch animation while rolling around together, you will inevitably create a sense of intimacy. Intimacy means the end of a casual relationship.


Be good at understanding the mood.


To start a casual relationship for the first time, it's not easy to ask the other person if they want it. “Would you like to have sex tonight without any expectations or promises for the future? And I wish I could continue to have sex for the next 4-6 months. Then, when I find someone who really suits each other, I want to slowly end the relationship.” Of course, this is an inappropriate and inconvenient proposal. Like all sex, casual sex requires consent. That said, even if you want to end the relationship after enjoying casual sex, you don't have to be clear and explain the end. If you are friends or acquaintances with each other, you need to rearrange each other after sex. It's about taking steps ahead of time to avoid going into intimate relationships or strange situations. Because it is a casual relationship, agreement between each other is essential. After fully agreed upon each other, there is no need to ask again or expect anything.


It doesn't make things strange.


This is actually the most important rule. You are not dating now. That's why you shouldn't ask or speak up, no matter what the other person does, what clothes they wear, and whomever they have a relationship with. If you create barriers for yourself and the other person thinks the same as you, it's great. You should never have the heart to own it. I don't follow Instagram either. And, of course, we don't disclose the relationship to others. Avoid anything you can do in a dating relationship. Just cool, put a little effort and enjoy your casual relationship to the fullest.