How to choose stockings as a gift


Any modern woman dreams of being sexy. Erotic lingerie or stockings can help her in this. You can present the kit for any occasion or for no reason. Such a gift will not only make the lady charming, but also help to tune in for a pleasant evening together.


The purpose of the gift


Stockings today come in different shapes, colors, lengths. It is necessary to decide in advance what this gift is for. It can be very practical: stockings can even be worn in the office, they are a convenient wardrobe item. You can give stockings so that the girl appears in them only in front of her beloved man, here you can already give free rein to imagination. There are also things for thematic meetings, for example, for a particular costume.


Sheer nude stockings are a versatile gift. In them, a woman will feel confident in any situation. But they do not look too erotic, not quite suitable for love games. A similar black option is suitable for everyday activities and for bed.


There are transparent stockings with different types of elastic. Usually, the wider it is, the more comfortable the item of clothing is to hold on to the leg. Special silicone tapes are sewn into the elastic band, which tightly fix the clothes on the skin. But there are options without an elastic band, they can only be worn with a special belt. You need to give such stockings in a set that is matched by color. Casual stockings should not be colored, patterned, or striped. Bulky elastic is also not welcome, it can be noticeable under clothes, and this does not look sexy, but vulgar. It is better to buy stockings with a flat elastic band in black or flesh color.


Stockings for erotic games


For love joys, you can buy stockings of any color. Among the large assortment, you can even choose patterns with a pattern. Stockings with a seam are very popular. But there are small nuances: the drawing greatly increases the volume. If the lady has curvaceous forms, it is better to abandon rhombuses, circles and even arrows. Of course, no one will see her in this thing, except for the giver, but even she herself will not be very comfortable in clothes that make her look fat.


For erotic games, you can buy mesh stockings. It can be large or small. Such an outfit has always been considered defiant, and it is difficult to combine it with any clothing except underwear. Mesh stockings look perfect with a belt, thong and corset. It is better to choose a bright color of the model - black, red or blue.


Thick colored stockings or knee-highs can look very erotic. They are ideal for complementing doll dresses, children's looks. You can buy striped parigins, leggings with slits, or even tights with holes in the hottest places.


How to make a choice


In order not to be mistaken with the stocking option, it is better to check with the woman the size of the tights she is buying. This data will be very useful when choosing.


Stockings are often double sized, such as S / M. Knowing the size of the clothes, you can easily figure it out. But if in doubt, it is better to buy more rather than less. If the stockings are small, they can only be pulled just above the knee. It is not very comfortable to wear. Large stockings will not clump together. Modern materials are so perfect that they will look perfect.


Preference should be given to expensive stockings . Their difference is in the density of the material. Cheap options may not be too durable: puffs and arrows will very quickly ruin the thing, make it unusable. High-quality models can withstand long-term use.


It is recommended to give stockings together with other items. For example, it can be a special belt, panties, or a set of underwear . Together they will look perfect and become a memorable gift.


Choosing stockings, you need to be guided by the woman's clothing preferences. If she loves lace, flounces or bows, you need to buy stockings with these elements. If a lady wears classics, then a laconic transparent version with a small elastic band will appeal to her.