How to choose lingerie for your body type


Stand in front of a mirror in your underwear. Turn to face the mirror, straighten your back and straighten your shoulders. Take a look at your body and analyze its shape. You will be taken to one of the four basic body shapes described below, and there you can see which lingerie we recommend for your body shape.




Hourglass shapes have a lot of key features that are really worth highlighting, especially a tight waist, so you need underwear that shines your dignity in the best light. Peplum, corsets and bustiers are the most flattering types of lingerie as they accentuate your breasts, show off your waist, and draw attention to your fabulous bottom. Cute ruffled shorts and lengthening stockings complete the look. Features • Big bust • Thin waist • Juicy butt • Bust 40% • Waist 20% • Booty 40%


Skittles / pear shape


One of the most desirable body shapes, pear-shaped figures have an enviable butt that seems to be eye-catching for miles around! For women with pear-shaped figure will be an excellent choice for combination or shirts - they flatter the upper part of the body, creating a depression in the ground and bends, while emphasizing the magnificent rounded butt, slipping on his sensual material. They're also great for girls who might be a little worried about their thighs as they come in a wide variety of lengths and can cover up anything you want to hide. Features • Medium • Medium bust waist • Lush • Booty Bust Waist 30% • 30% • 40% Pop


Caramel / apple-shaped


Many people spend a lot of money trying to achieve this shape, so it is very important to highlight your luxurious bust. For women with such a figure perfectly suited linen (bra + pants), because they decorate it in the most advantageous location - high on the chest, with excellent support, emphasizing the natural curves. The sets are also offered along with an assortment of matching lingerie, so if you are confident about your bottom, choose a thong to match your bodice. If you want to leave all the attention on the neckline, choose the right panties. Features • Large Bust Slim waist • • • Average ass Bust Waist 40% • 30% • 30% Pop


Sports type


Athletic ladies often feel boyish in appearance, but in fact, their slender bodies are incredibly desirable, in terms of underwear, there are many options for them. For the sports-type shapes are perfect sets with the topic - they are close to the body and create a wave bends where they did not exist! Most tank top kits are made up of 2 or more pieces - by visually breaking your body apart, you highlight each one - your gorgeous long torso, cute ass, and cheeky bust! Features • Medium • Medium bust waist • Average ass • Bust Waist 35% • 30% • 35% Pop