How to choose and buy a condom


Adults and sane people understand that it is necessary to use protection while having sex. There are many contraceptive options available, but today the condom is the single most reliable form of protection against sexually transmitted diseases. In order for sex to be truly protected and comfortable, you need to know how to choose and buy a condom correctly.


We offer several criteria, based on which you can purchase high-quality and comfortable condoms for you in our store:


1. Correct appointment


First, you need to decide on the purpose of the condoms that you are planning to buy. We recommend starting from the type of sex, that is, oral for oral sex, anal for anal sex. For example, condoms for oral sex contain a flavoured lubricant that is safe to swallow, while condoms for anal sex are made of thicker latex to ensure safe intercourse. If you want to buy them as a gift, then for this there are special gift contraceptives in beautiful packaging.


2. Quality


When choosing, focus on quality brands. The quality of latex, the safety of the lubricant, and the reliability of the production technology directly depend on the manufacturer. There is an opinion that if a manufacturing company is European, then condoms should also be produced in Europe. In practice, many European brands have their own factories for the production of condoms in Asia, or they order production at factories in Asia - in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Korea, China. This fact is due to the growth of Hevea - a rubber tree on their territory. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see "Made in Malaysia" on the packaging, all products in Asian factories comply not only with guests but also with many European and international standards: CE 0120 (European Union standard), ISO (International Organization of Standards), WHO (World Health Organization) etc. Having found one of them on the package, you can be sure of the quality.


3. Specialized stores


You shouldn't skimp on contraceptives and buy inexpensive condoms in a tent near the subway. After all, this is a means of protection, and the cost is really an indicator of the high quality of the product since testing condoms is an expensive procedure. We recommend buying condoms in specialized places (online stores, pharmacies, supermarkets) that work with official suppliers of products and have quality certificates.


4. Expiry date


Pay attention to the expiration date on the packaging. If a condom is intended for sale without a box, then the expiration date must be indicated on the blister (individual packaging of each condom). A condom will usually last between three and five years if stored properly.


5. Material


Most of the fabrication comes from comfortable and reliable latex. In the case of latex allergy, it is recommended to use. Also, polyurethane will be an ideal option when using fat-based intimate lubricants.


6. Lubrication


Condoms also have different lubricants, but some types of lubricants can in some cases cause an allergic reaction (silicone, flavoured, etc.), or irritation of the mucous membrane (spermicidal). In this case, it is recommended to use non-lubricated or water-lubricated condoms. It is also important to take into account the individual anatomical features, for example, in case of rapid ejaculation, use condoms with a prolonged effect. 


7. Size and shape


It is very important when choosing to choose the right size and shape. A large condom will slide off, and a small one will squeeze the penis, causing inconvenience. But even if the size is selected correctly, a situation may arise that due to individual anatomical features (for example, an enlarged penis head), a condom will still cause discomfort if the shape does not suit you. Therefore, pay attention not only to the size that is indicated but also to the shape (classic, anatomical, with/without storage). For more information on sizes and shapes, see our articles What are condoms and Condom sizes.


8. Wall thickness


The standard thickness is 0.06-0.07 mm. For more sensual relationships, there are ultra-thin condoms, their wall thickness can be up to 0.02 ( Sagami Original 002 ). For anal sex - high strength condoms with a wall thickness of 0.07.


9. Condom texture


For lovers of bright and unusual sensations, there are condoms with rings, pimples, antennae, balls, combined. Variety in intimate life is guaranteed, but it is advisable to first consult with your partner.


10. Comparison effect


We recommend purchasing several products of different types, shapes sizes in order to find by comparison what really suits you and your partner. Taking into account all 10 parameters, you can easily choose the quality and ideal condoms for you. We wish you love!