How to choose anal toys for fun, not problems


What are anal toys?


The widest assortment of anal toys can be divided into the following main categories.


Butt plugs


They are needed to stretch the anus before penetrating a dildo or penis. But plugs can be used not only as a means of preparing for anal sex. These toys multiply pleasure on their own by putting pressure on the erogenous zones and creating a pleasant feeling of fullness. This "pressure" is the key to orgasm for many women.


Anal beads


Anal balls are beads of different sizes on a flexible connection. They are arranged in size from small to large, allowing for gradual stretching of the anus upon penetration. For this reason, the toy is ideal for beginners.


After insertion, the beads are removed from the anus, thus massaging the sensitive areas. This can be done at different speeds, depending on your preferences and the desired effect. Balls are played both during foreplay and masturbation, and directly during traditional intercourse to achieve a brighter orgasm.


Anal dildos


Although almost any extended base dildos are suitable for anal sex, it is better to use special ones. This is especially true for neophytes.


Artificial dildos for the anus are generally more graceful than regular dildos. They are often crowned with a tapered head that facilitates penetration. Many anal toys are given a slightly curved shape - for more effective stimulation of the prostate in men and the back wall of the vagina in women.


Prostate Massagers


They not only enhance the sensation of orgasm, but also strengthen the "second heart of a man" - the prostate gland. And the quality of sexual life depends on her health. So having fun in this case is also extremely useful.


Many prostate massagers are equipped with vibration. The most advanced models are controlled remotely, using a remote control or a smartphone, while you can choose between several speed modes.


Anal vibrators


Anal vibrators are available for every taste and color. For example, with balls or in the form of a cork, which you can carry in yourself and turn on using the remote control, if you suddenly want a thrill. There are also double vibrators for couples so that no one is left offended.


How to choose an anal toy


Beginners who are not familiar with the intricacies of playing with anus should heed the following recommendations.


Make sure your toy has a widened base


Almost all anal toys have an extended base. Such a limiter serves as a guarantee that the object does not fall too deep into the anus and does not get stuck in the rectum, from where it will have to be removed by doctors.


Avoid porous materials


Ideally, anal toys are made of smooth materials such as silicone, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, or even stone. The porous surface will collect a large collection of bacteria, which the anus is rich in, and it will be impossible to clean them off.


Don't overdo size


Toys differ in length and diameter, and they are often produced in sets of three pieces of different calibers, which is extremely convenient. It is better to start with a smaller size, up to 3 cm in diameter, and over time you can move on to something larger.


Pay attention to the relief


Bulges, bumps and ribs are relevant for people who are already adept at anal sex . For a start, take a look at the models with a perfectly smooth surface. After all, if the sphincter has not yet been developed, any excesses can cause pain.


Start with the butt plug


If anal sex is new to you, start with a small plug. It is easy to insert into the still narrow anus. Pay attention to models with a pump: you can independently adjust the size of the toy, gradually stretching the anus.


A little more comfortable - connect vibration


Those who are already at least a little bit in the subject can move on to vibrating toys. They perfectly warm up the erogenous zones and help prepare the anus for the introduction of the penis. They can be used both before and during intercourse. But it is better to turn on the vibration when the toy is already inside, otherwise it will be difficult to enter the thing. Therefore, it is much more convenient if the device is controlled remotely.


Consider gender


Most anal toys - with the exception of the prostate massager - are versatile and suitable for both men and women. But it is worth considering that smooth anal plugs of a classic conical shape do not touch the sensitive prostate gland, which deprives the male half of the lion's share of pleasure. Therefore, guys are encouraged to look for a toy with a curvature. For example this.


What to do next


Stock up on lubricant


An oil-based lubricant is especially good for unhindered penetration . But remember that it cannot be used with a condom: the fatty components destroy latex. Water-based lubricants provide excellent glide and contain a minimum of chemicals, but dry quickly. Silicone products are more economical to use, but they are more expensive and stain.


For beginners, it is best to use special lubricants for anal sex: they do not dry out longer and contain relaxing substances.


Whichever you choose, you will need a lot of lubricant, because neither the anus nor your toy will naturally lubricate.


Take care of your hygiene


Before experimenting, rinse your anus with a rectal shower . Or a small enema that you can buy at a sex shop. The volume should not exceed 400 ml, and the most common and convenient option, which is suitable for almost everyone, holds about 200 ml.


And one more thing: never use the same dildos for anal and vaginal sex. The anus and vagina are two separate ecosystems and it is important that they do not exchange bacteria.


Don't force events


Start inserting the toy slowly and carefully, stopping at the slightest sign of discomfort or pain.