How to choose a gag wisely

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GAGS HAVE LONG BEEN WIDELY USED IN SEXUAL GAMES, but while some lovingly gag their partners, others only dream about it - the inability to talk excites and allows you to focus on pleasure. However, choosing the right one specifically for you or your partner is not an obvious thing. We will tell you what rules you need to follow in order to shut your mouth to everyone's pleasure.



The first thing to remember: do not use gags if you or your partner have cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, asthma, epilepsy, or claustrophobia. The list of contraindications also includes any type of acute respiratory infections and dislocation of the jaw in the past. If all this is not about you, feel free to go to a well-known sex shop or a trusted network: remember that everything you put into yourself should be made of high-quality materials, and in a small store selling noun names, you can get different things.


A gag is a personal item, like a toothbrush. If you can exchange saliva with a regular partner as much as you want, then in other cases a separate item is bought, and not pulled out of the bins, they say, I have such a thing here that was thrust into a variety of people. Don't be tempted by stories about disinfection.


Determine the purpose of the gag. If it is necessary that a person cannot say a word, the bulk of the gag is inside the mouth and fixes the lower jaw and tongue. For beginners, this option is unlikely to be pleasant - it is customary to use it in BDSM games, where physical and psychological discomfort is important. But sexual moaning from a partially blocked mouth is very startling and is unlikely to lead to injury. It is best to start with a bit - a stick upholstered in soft material that does not force you to keep your mouth wide open: you will not get tired with it and you will definitely not confuse indignant sounds with satisfied ones.



There are several important requirements for a ball gag. First, look for hollow and perforated ones so you don't have to worry about air access. Second, choose the right size. Open your mouth as if you are going to bite off a large hamburger, hold it for twenty seconds, then measure the distance between your teeth - this will be the maximum diameter of the ball of your gag. In fact, it is worth taking a finger less, otherwise the jaw will instantly become numb. Thirdly, the material of the gag should be soft and elastic, because you will have to dig into the ball with your teeth. Take care of your teeth, they will still be useful to you.


Another type of gag is a ring or spacers. The mouth is not closed with them, but it will not be possible to talk, because it does not close. Use on someone who trusts you, because such items always cause a keen sense of defenselessness, and this only brings pleasure when there is real intimacy. But the rings and spacers leave access to oral sex. Men can use any comfortable variety, women can use a ring, because it is easy to spit it out if the situation becomes uncomfortable.


A gagged person should be prepared for drooling, just like his partner. Even so: TO SLIVERS. Most gags do not allow swallowing normally, so a lot of saliva accumulates. Hence the requirement for air to enter the mouth - it will flow in the opposite direction. Also, never put a person in a gag on their back - he may choke from an excess of saliva, or they will cause gagging (and the gag has not been removed yet!). In general, drooling is good and means that everything is more or less okay.



A gag involves tied hands, but both are best kept conditionally fixed. The safest gag is on a wide soft band (for example, neoprene) with a Velcro fastener . You can remove it yourself if something goes wrong. Hands can also be tied, but not tightly for ease of disengagement. You play, right? Therefore, the rules can be followed formally. In difficult situations, it is suggested to agree in advance on a stop word, but you can't talk too much with your mouth shut, so agree on the movements, or, for example, you can pick up a bell. Any sound of it is a sign to a complete cessation of action.


But buying a gag is not at all necessary, you can always use the means at hand. But, so that arbitrariness does not end tragically, remember the main rules. The gag should be soft. Ribbon, tie, or even T-shirt - no hard objects to avoid injury. You can injure the edges of the mouth or mucous membranes, and even break your teeth. This is not fun, but self-harm.


Another important rule for homemade gags is that everything should be more or less clean and not contain anything dangerous in itself or on itself. For example, a T-shirt that was used to paint a wall leaves traces of paint, and they are not for ingestion - neither for swallowing nor for inhaling for a long time. Therefore, even if passion suddenly took you apart, move to a more suitable place and find safe items.



A homemade gag should consist strictly of one item, only then you can keep everything under control - regardless of whether you are wearing it or you are wearing it. Specifically, this means that you are either gagging or stuffing something inside, but not aligning. The film " Candy " with Rose McGowan begins with gagging mistakes and leads to tragedy: the girl is shoved a ping-pong ball into her mouth and gagged, the heroine suffocates and dies.


In general, tying is better than tucking in, and a narrow bandage that leaves access for breathing through the mouth is preferable to half-face wide. Firstly, it is so difficult to suffocate. Secondly, it is not difficult to spit out a neat and not very wide bandage. Thirdly, a narrow bandage is a soft version of the snaffle bit, and if necessary, you can even pronounce something.


What you should definitely not do is use duct tape instead of a gag. The glue causes skin irritation, tearing off the tape is just as painful as waxing, and the wide glue does not allow you to breathe through your mouth or speak. A small bout of a cold - and hello. The only option is a special vinyl tape that sticks only to itself, but not to the skin. It looks like duct tape, but you have to wrap it around your head instead of the cinematic silver strip from cheek to cheek.



If you still want to put something in your mouth, then choose a thing that is no more than half of a woman's fist in volume. That is, thong panties will do, but family size 56 for the most part should hang out of the mouth.


Well, the simplest, but also the most important rule, summarizing all of the above: do not do anything with your loved one that you would not want to be done with you, and always get his consent first. And you yourself will be more whole, and the chances that your partner will like it and want to repeat it are growing rapidly.