How To Buy Condoms Correctly?


Buying condoms is a real pain for many men and women. And while some can easily purchase this product, others, squeezing into a corner, are even afraid to think about how they will ask the pharmacy seller to give them condoms. And the matter, it turns out, is not so much in shyness or personal attitude to sex, but in the absence of certain knowledge and skills that are so necessary when choosing a condom.


A correctly chosen and purchased condom remains comfortable for a man during sex and completely invisible for a woman. But because intimacy took place without disappointment and grief, buying condoms, you should still pay attention to a number of the following factors.


Expiry dates


The shelf life of a condom is no more than five years from the date of manufacture. Expired condoms, of course, are not harmful in themselves, but in 99% of cases, such negligence towards this criterion ends with a rupture of the product. Condoms are not a commodity that needs to be stocked up for future use.


Size matters?


One of the main criteria for choosing condoms is their size because for comfortable sexual games the width of product number two must correspond to the width of the penis. Equally important is the length of the condom, which by standards equates to 19 cm.


Studies show that nearly 60% of men use larger or smaller condoms. Slip and damage are guaranteed. Moreover, improperly sized condoms prevent you from getting the proper orgasmic strength and long-lasting erection, which negatively affects the pleasure of both parties. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase either oversized or reduced size condoms if necessary.


Material thickness


Most couples are guided by a certain principle: a high-quality condom is made of dense material that cannot be thin, which means that there is no fullness of sensations during sex. Today, manufacturers rely on reliability and convenience, combined with maximum pleasure, and therefore offer several types of condoms: thick, thin and ultra-thin condoms. Thick-walled condoms are ideal for men who need to prolong their erections, but thin-walled condoms are designed to help partners feel better.


Availability of lubricant


Do you think lubrication is the last element to look out for when choosing a condom? But no! Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of lubricated condoms: regular, plentiful, warming, spermicidal, prolonged, and flavouring. Condoms without lubrication are very rare today, but condoms with spermicidal lubricant, although they protect against unwanted pregnancy, can still irritate the mucous membranes.


For a change


If you want to diversify your sex or want to try new sensations, it is worth choosing embossed condoms: with pimples, ribs, balls and antennae. By the way, you need to be careful with embossed condoms, since during the first use it is recommended to use additional moisturizing lubricants so that the sensations are painless. 


What scent?


For fans of extravagant sex, flavoured condoms are ideal. However, it should be borne in mind that some time after putting on certain brands of condoms sometimes lose their flavour, which, by the way, can irritate a partner or partner.


To find the right condoms, you need to personally try several types and brands of the product, apply various lubricants. At the same time, it is important to buy condoms in pharmacies or specialized stores, where all storage conditions for these products will be met, and also to give preference to already proven brands.


Why is it better in an online store?


Firstly, the assortment of condoms offered by the online store is much more diverse than in conventional pharmacies. Various options are offered here: with a scent and prolonging, without lubrication and condoms for anal sex, increased strength and gift - as they say, what the soul and body desire.


Secondly, there is no hesitation. You choose those condoms that suit you in all respects, place an order, and after a while, the goods will be delivered to the designated place. Moreover, the entire procedure is carried out anonymously!


Thirdly, in the online store, you can order several types of condoms of various brands, for example, and try everything, determining which will be the most convenient and comfortable for you.