How to bring a man to orgasm with your hands and enjoy yourself


Masturbation is often underestimated. Especially when it comes to pleasing another. But according to sexologist Vanessa Marin, hand fondling is one of the best ways to bring a partner to orgasm. The main thing is to know how to masturbate correctly.


Make sure the man agrees


Some men, in principle, do not like it when a partner caresses a penis with her hand. Others may simply not want to masturbate at the moment. And that's okay.


Therefore, it is important not only to secure consent, but to hear that a man is excited by the very thought of upcoming caresses.


By the way, you must want it too. For real and right now, because desire is critical for quality sex and its components. If a man notices that you are doing everything automatically, are not excited and are thinking about something of their own, then it will be difficult for him to imitate pleasure.


If this is your first time deciding to masturbate, tell your partner that you want it as much as he does, that you are interested in trying something new. Pay attention to the penis, compliment the size and shape. This will turn the man on even more.


Prepare yourself


Wash your hands with soap or an antiseptic. Compliance with hygiene rules is imperative in any situation.


Take off the rings and make sure your nails don't hurt your penis. Make sure your hands are warm.


Think about which zones you need to use. If very briefly and without going into details , then the penis consists of a body and a head, and at its base are the testicles. If a man is circumcised, during an erection, the head will be open; if not, it will be hidden behind the foreskin. From the head to the body of the penis, a skin fold - a bridle - leads from below. Remember that she is very sensitive. The small area between the testicles and the anus is called the perineum.


And you need to pay attention to everything.


Get into the right posture


Here you can give free rein to imagination. The classic version is when the man lies on his back and the woman sits opposite. You can straighten your legs, tuck them under you, or cross them. Focus on your feelings.


If your partner wants to watch, he can sit or stand , and you can choose a comfortable position.


Use a lubricant


Necessarily. The lubricant will provide better glide and prevent dry hands from injuring the delicate skin of the penis. You can choose the one that suits you: water-based, silicone-based or fat-based.


Ask to show you how to masturbate properly


If you think you know better, you are wrong. Not in this case. You have been entrusted with the most intimate, so take the trouble to inquire about the desires and preferences of your partner. Ask to be shown how he masturbates when alone.


Watch for movement, grip strength, and speed. First, you will know how he likes it. Secondly, it is exciting. You can ask the man to put his hands on yours to guide you.


Use different techniques


Alternate movements, change the speed and strength of compression, and an orgasm will not keep you waiting. Start slowly, and when the man is aroused enough, gradually increase the pace.


Memorize basic movements


Your basic arm movements are up and down.


How to bring a man to orgasm with your hands and enjoy yourself


But you don't need to limit yourself to this. Moreover, Vanessa recommends improving this movement as well. Gently move your wrist back and forth to provide additional stimulation to the penis.


How to bring a man to orgasm with your hands and enjoy yourself


Focus on the hypersensitive glans


Pay attention to the head: slow down when you get to it, and slightly increase the force of compression. Stroke the bridle with your finger. Only very gently!


You can try starting from the top so that only the fingertips touch the penis , and when moving down, the head rested against the middle of the palm.


Fold your thumb and forefinger into a ring


Without unclenching your fingers, move them up and down. Stop on the head and rotate it slightly.


Use your second hand


When you find a comfortable position and get used to it, use your other hand. You can put it on top of the presenter and continue with the basic movements. Or play with your fingers, grab your partner's penis with both hands and perform circular motions.


Take a member in one hand and slowly move it up and down. At the same time, with the index, middle, ring and thumb of the second hand, move upward from the base of the head, stroking it as if you were unscrewing a bottle cap.


Try to grip the penis with both hands with two thumbs on one side. With these fingers, smoothly stroke the head from bottom to top and top to bottom.


How to bring a man to orgasm with your hands and enjoy yourself


Create the illusion of endless penetration


Another interesting technique: make only movements down from the head to the base of the penis, first with one hand and then with the other. This will create the illusion of endless penetration.


Then try the other way around: move only from the base to the head. Just try not to overtighten the skin, it can cause discomfort.


Open your palms


Hold the penis between your palms and stroke it with the inside along or across, slightly rolling. Or, you can gently stroke the area under the head with the edge of your hand.


Or try to create the illusion of endless penetration with your palms without clenching your hands into fists.


Engage other parts of the body


Don't get hung up on the dick. Fondle your thighs, testicles, crotch, or buttocks. Be gentle with the testicles as they are very sensitive.


Take both testicles in your hand and squeeze and squeeze very gently. Hold the skin between the testicles with your thumb and forefinger and smoothly stroke it from base to edge.


Some men enjoy anal stimulation. Discuss this with your partner and dare if the answer is yes.


Think about yourself too


Feel free to caress yourself and indulge in feelings. Your man will love it. Be honest and enjoy the process and benefit from it for yourself.


We repeat: you should not move away, with longing on your face, make monotonous up and down movements with your hand. Be active, show interest, show excitement.


Observe the reaction


Look at your partner's face, listen to his breathing and watch your erection. If you feel that your erection is waning or your partner is showing no interest, try changing your technique or ask what is the matter. Most importantly, do it gently and carefully. If necessary, transfer the reins of government to a man for a while and observe his movements.


Don't stop right after orgasm


Male orgasm can last How Long Does The Male Orgasm Last? It Turns Out, Male And Female Orgasms More Alike Than You Think from 5 to 30 seconds. If you see that your partner is on the verge, continue in the same spirit, do not change anything. Watch your reaction and don't stop after orgasm.


Slowly slow down and relax your hand gently and smoothly. Just do not overdo it: after ejaculation, the sensitivity of the penis increases, and even the most gentle touch can cause discomfort.


Find out if you liked everything


Feel free to ask your partner to share their feelings. Find out what he liked the most and what was not very pleasant. Listen to the man and work on the mistakes.