How to add variety to family life with sex toys?


Over the years, the intimate life of every married couple loses its attractiveness. The wife has more and more headaches, her husband gets very tired at work, and sex itself becomes something familiar and monotonous. If you do not stop the process of destruction of intimate life, then, in the end, this will lead to betrayal, divorce, or just omissions and disappointment. What to do? And there is a way out! You need to start using sex toys.


The best sex toys for couples


Considering the fact that more and more married couples acquire toys for mutual use, the sex shop industry offers new and new positions that delight with their originality. What should you pay special attention to?




It is a mistake to believe that strap-ons were invented for same-sex couples. This is a completely universal device that can be used by both homosexual and heterosexual couples. The device is a leather panties with a built-in dildo. Each pair chooses the ideal size, shape of the phallus and its configuration. For especially sophisticated couples, there are strap-ons with one strap, which are worn over the leg. You can also find models with two phalluses, one of which is directed inside the panties, and the other is reinforced outside. Thanks to such a device, both partners get pleasure from penetration at once.


Penis attachments


It turns out that penis attachments are used not only by men, whom nature has not awarded with the dignity of a large size. These silicone devices are also loved by ordinary experimenters. The tips often have bulges, bumps and even antennae, which, when they penetrate the woman's vagina, bring her a lot of new sensations. Vibration attachments enhance the experience of both partners. There are open and closed nozzles. The latter can be used as a reusable condom.




rings Vibrating rings are a kind of stimulator of the clitoris and perineum, allowing you to reach orgasm much earlier and make it even more intense. Rings can be made of various materials such as plastic, rubber and even metal, but most often, of course, silicone rings with vibration are used. They stretch perfectly, without causing discomfort for men, tightly clasp the penis and create a monotonous vibration that both partners feel.


Vibrating rings have another indisputable advantage: they are able to delay the ejaculation process, that is, the duration of intercourse is significantly increased. A woman will always appreciate it!


Remote Control Toys


The most expensive, but no less popular, are remote controlled vibrators. These cute little gadgets, thanks to a special program, start their work after pressing a button on your smartphone. Moreover, it does not matter at all how far the partners are from each other at this moment.


Wearable sex toys can be used while walking, at work, or even while playing sports. Management is as simple as possible. And most importantly, the toy can vibrate even to the beat of your favorite music.


Role-playing costumes


Reincarnating in new roles is a simple and effective way to change your sex life. Trying on a suit of a plumber, a prostitute or a chanterelle is very simple. A graceful mask will help you easily try on a special plot. Carnival clothes help to see a partner in a new way, to make old fantasies come true.


Sometimes you just need to choose a mask or a bright accessory, and create the rest of the costume from familiar things. But for the game to be successful, it is recommended to think over the scenario and sequence of actions.


If you decide to put an end to night migraines forever and return sexual relations to its former brightness and novelty, then in the online store you can always find something interesting for yourself. A big plus will be a joint discussion of a particular toy, because if you express your desires aloud, then it will become much easier for you and your partner to come to their realization.


Never hesitate to share erotic fantasies with a loved one, and then your new acquisitions will bring you the desired satisfaction and long hours of amazingly beautiful sex!