How often can you have anal sex without harm?


The sexual life of modern couples has become much brighter and more diverse. The time when everything happened strictly in the dark and under the covers is long gone. Traditional sex can be varied by oral and anal sex. How dangerous is anal sex and how often can you have it without harming your physical health?


If now the young ladies have become more favourable to oral sex, then the stimulation of the fifth point can be perceived wary. Most couples are afraid of this due to the lack of awareness in this matter. Before embarking on this kind of experiment, you need to understand what anal caresses can be pleasant and dangerous.




In most couples, a man wants anal sex. An important point is a mutual consent to this kind of affection. If the other half is not tuned in to penetrate from behind, you should not try it just because of the desire of your partner. Sexual intercourse is not a sacrifice, but a pleasure for two!


If anal sex does not bother any of the couples, you can do it whenever you want. But don't overdo it! Frequent anal penetration can disrupt the normal functioning of the sphincter, which is fraught with faecal incontinence. Experiments 1-2 times a week will be optimal, subject to preliminary preparation and the absence of injuries.




No doctor will say that anal sex is absolutely safe. By following simple recommendations, you can eliminate all the unpleasant consequences:


  • Anal caresses are contraindicated in diseases of the rectum, which include haemorrhoids, tumours and cracks. If intercourse has caused fissures in the rectum, they should be completely healed.
  • It will be better if a condom is used during anal sex. All unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted much more often than in the traditional way. Due to the narrow passage of the anus on the surface of the rectum, in any case, microtraumas occur through which the infection can penetrate.
  • It is recommended to do a certain procedure related to bowel cleansing so as not to get into an awkward situation during the intimate process.
  • With lubricant, glide will be smoother and less likely to cause injury.
  • If you decide to buy a lubricant for anal sex, choose the one that suits you best. Commercially available are silicone and water-based formulations, flavoured, pain-relieving, cooling and warming products.




Many young ladies are categorical about anal sex, claiming that they do not get pleasure in the process. Moreover, there will always be some kind of friend who, with her unsuccessful experience, will cross out all desire and attempts to try this joy. Let go of your fears. If you still want to try, then you need to enjoy everything that happens.


There is no need to immediately start active movements, relax and take care of the relaxation of the sphincter muscles. The foreplay will help with this. You can try anal massage and clitoral stimulation. Dilation before penetration is best done with fingers or a butt plug. A specially selected stimulator will gently and painlessly expand the anal passage.


The man's task is to completely control what is happening, listening to the reaction of his partner. For couples practising this type of sex, it is better to use aids to improve glide. Moisturization of the anus will allow avoiding painful sensations not only for a woman but also for a man who is also able to experience unpleasant feelings due to too strong tension of the frenulum of the penis.


The sensations experienced during anal sex differ significantly from the sensations in traditional sex. The anus contains many erogenous points, also, through the thin wall of the rectum, the penis can stimulate the vagina. This physiology explains getting a vaginal orgasm during anal sex.




Any sex will be useful but within the limits of what is permitted. It is important to remember that frequent anal penetration will not benefit the body. The frequency of anal sex will depend on the woman's condition during and after intercourse. If this type of intercourse brings only positive impressions, you do not need to deny yourself the pleasure.


Sometimes it happens that a man may ask to penetrate him to experience these sensations. A strapon will come to the rescue of a woman. Having tried this on yourself, the partner will be more gentle and attentive in preparing for anal sex and during the process.