How much do you know about glass dildos?


Speaking of dildos, one cannot ignore glass dildos, because each of them is not just an intimate toy, but even a real work of art. In addition, they have a number of indisputable advantages over their counterparts from other materials.


The myth of the fragility of a glass dildo


The first thing you want and make sense to focus your attention on when talking about a glass dildo is the first mistaken impression or myth that they are fragile and can break or break. Moreover, at the most inopportune moment. But this is not the case when you should not be naive like children and understand that manufacturers undoubtedly value their reputation and customer reviews, as well as satisfaction with the purchase for them in the first place. Therefore, exclusively all glass dildos are made of super-hardened material and even can withstand a fall from a table onto a hard surface. Of course, it's not worth experimenting with this, but at the same time, there is no point in worrying either. Instead, it's better to indulge yourself with this wonderful sex toy one more time.


Most hygienic sex toys


Also, one cannot ignore the fact that glass dildos are the most hygienic toys of this class. After all, glass has an absolutely smooth surface, without pores or possible microcracks, in which, with insufficient or improper care, bacteria can remain. Therefore, a glass dildo is as easy to maintain as possible and requires an elementary rinsing after each use under running water.


Compatible with any lubricant


Another undoubted and indisputable plus of a glass dildo is that it is compatible with absolutely any lubricant. And this is a rare case when you do not need to "bother" whether there is a suitable lubricant on hand or not, where and when to buy a lubricant, what kind, etc. And besides, if you have a glass dildo, sometimes you don't need lubricant at all. If you are aroused and already have at least some natural lubricant, the perfectly smooth surface of the toy will make penetration flawless and comfortable. The only exception here is if the glass dildo you want to use anally.


Playing with temperature


And one of the most interesting and pleasant features that a glass dildo has is that you can get extra pleasure by playing on temperature extremes. For example, taking this intimate accessory with you in a warm bath, you will feel how it instantly picks up the temperature, and inside you, warmth spreads, you must agree before this could only be dreamed of. And if a glass dildo is put in the refrigerator for a few minutes or lowered under cold water, then you can delight yourself with a scorching cool penetration and previously unknown pleasure.




Also, it will be interesting and pleasant to know that many glass dildos are handmade items. Yes Yes Yes! You must admit that the inner mood in sex is far from insignificant, and to engage in self-satisfaction or together with a partner, an object in which the soul is invested, and it is not like any other, it costs a lot! And besides, a glass dildo will delight you for many years, and have its original appearance. After all, it has tremendous wear resistance, the colours do not fade in the light, and as mentioned above, the unique hygiene makes it unnecessary to change your favourite glass dildo for another.

Considering that glass dildos have a stunning appearance, often of an original shape, and in general, they look more than aesthetically pleasing, they are an excellent option as a gift for your girlfriend. Moreover, the price of a glass dildo is much more democratic than a cyber leather analogue. And given that this accessory can be categorized as a VIP, you can be sure that your sign of attention will not go unnoticed, and that the most amazing and unforgettable sex awaits you in the evening!