How many types of clitoral vibrators are there?


For a long time, it is no secret that the only and very important task of the clitoris is to provide pleasure. Its sensitivity is many times greater than any other part of the body. Therefore, the range of clitoral stimulation toys is very wide. Clitoris stimulators are divided into two categories-contact stimulators and non-contact stimulators. Contact toys are based on vibration technology, while non-contact toys use airflow and vacuum principles. This time we will be familiar with clitoral vibrators.


Clitoris stimulators can be divided into the following types:


Large vibrating massager. Their shape is similar to microphones, and they are usually easy to recognize due to their widespread use in pornographic movies. The largest massager is suitable for the whole body: legs, arms, back, especially the neck, because their strong vibration can relax the muscles very well. Why are they also used for private massage? Because their vibration usually produces very fast results. However, it should be noted that for a considerable number of women, directly stimulating the clitoris glans with these massagers may be too strong, causing irritation and even pain. This problem can be solved by using a massager on clothes, underwear or blankets to reduce excessive vibration. Only when the body has been awakened and ready to receive more intense stimulation, can you use toys such as massagers to directly touch the sexy zone, which is safe and pleasant. A prerequisite is the use of large amounts of water-based lubricants. Otherwise, you may even get scratched due to super friction. However, if everything is done correctly, the massager will help achieve a high level of arousal not only from the outside, but also from the inside of the clitoris, because the vibration of these toys will penetrate as deeply as possible. The most powerful and deepest resonance massager is the wand massager, which has become a classic in this genre.


Smaller massager. They are based on the principle of large massagers, but due to their smaller size and power, they are more gentle on the clitoris. They are easier to store and carry around. It is also more convenient to use in single player games and with partners. Combining them with other types of stimulation or penetrative behavior is particularly interesting.


Little finger vibrator. These toys are particularly popular because of their small size. They are very convenient to use with your partner or take it with you. Pay attention to the power, because a small amount of power on the battery may not be strong enough, and the vibration is sharper and less pleasant. It is best to choose a rechargeable and waterproof one!


It is important to remember that the clitoral vibrator should always be used in combination with a water-based lubricant to improve sliding, have more fun and avoid damaging toy materials.