How I wore vaginal balls


I learned about such a thing as vaginal balls from a friend when we talked about exercises to strengthen vaginal muscles. After giving birth, my muscles stretched so much that during sex, I got the feeling that my husband's penis, not at all small in size, falls into the abyss. In addition, when sneezing or laughing, I had trouble in the form of a small leak from the bladder.


A friend advised me to try exercises with vaginal balls. When I asked how often she wears them, she answered mysteriously, they are still in me, which intrigued me completely.


My first balls were DUO-BALLS , they conquered with their price and quite cute appearance, similar to my daughter's rattles. When I bought them, they seemed huge to me, I decided that they would never fit in my body, but they fit perfectly.


At first, it was unusual to walk with them inside, there was a feeling that they were making a sound when walking, but my friend assured me that no suspicious noise was coming from me, and I walk as usual. Soon I got used to my balls and stopped noticing them when I stuffed them inside, I can't say that I experienced an orgasm from wearing them, but pleasant sensations arose, and it was rather humid below.


The disadvantage of these ballsfor me there was a string with which the balls were attached, it was made of fabric and it seemed to me that it was impossible to get rid of bacteria, and I did not dare to boil the plastic balls. Therefore, I had to monitor the sex market in search of more suitable balls.


Silicone vaginal balls


My second balls were pretty pink Kegel Balls with a relief structure. They are made entirely of silicone and are easy to care for and easy to reach by pulling on the ring. At first it was difficult to keep the balls inside, I had to squeeze the muscles, but after a couple of months I began to notice that I no longer had enough weight, I wanted to find something heavier. While searching for the perfect balls, I came across the Nova Ball set . It consists of three sets of silicone balls of different diameters and weights. This turned out to be exactly what I needed, using from time to time different balls from the set.


A single ball of large size and quite lightweight I use when I leave the house for a long time, it does not take much effort to hold it, but at the same time there is a good workout.


I use medium-sized double balls for intense training, squeeze the muscles, hold them for a few seconds, and then relax, so I repeat 10-12 times, several times during the evening.


At first it was very difficult for me to hold the smallest and heaviest set of balls, but it gradually becomes easier, I insert it for a while to consolidate the exercises, moreover, these balls most of all cause sexual arousal.


As an experienced user, I want to give some tips for beginners on wearing vaginal balls:


1. Choose larger and lighter balls first. They are easier to hold inside.

2. They need to be inserted like a swab. If at first it does not work, you can add lubricant, but keep in mind that if the balls slip easily, they can also fall out easily.

3. Do not be afraid to lose them in your body, the balls will not go anywhere, they are easy enough to pull out by pulling the string or ring.

4. Hold the balls inside the vagina, contracting the leg muscles for 15 minutes at first and do kegel exercises.

5. Do not go outside with balls until you learn how to hold them well, they can fall out at the most inopportune moment.


I periodically wore balls for six months and I can say that the result is really noticeable, there are no more leaks at all, and during sex, I finally began to feel how my muscles clasp my penis during penetration, and my husband is happy. But I do not stop there, I continue training with balls.