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Hitachi Magic Wand: The Source of Women's Happiness


Hitachi Magic Wand: The Source of Women's Happiness


Hitachi magic wand electric vibration massager is a novel sex toy. It can have more love and tenderness, love and care than any woman. This device can be a good gift for caring for people. To understand the meaning of the Hitachi wand massager, you need to emphasize its three important characteristics:


  • Relax the body. Stop stuffing yourself with unnecessary antidepressants. You only need a relaxing massage for 5 to 10 minutes. Plugin the machine, select the desired function and let the massager do all the work. Its head connection can completely calm every tense cell in your body.


      • health care. The female body's problems begin with malnutrition, muscle and ligament tension, metabolic and circulatory diseases. Hitachi Magic Wand aims to provide you with a second solution that will refresh you and awaken your fresh power to realize your plan.


      • However, the main "function" of the device is sex. Where is the woman without him, without the joy of intimacy, can pure happiness be accomplished? The appearance of the device looks extremely simple, but in fact, it can make women amazing at orgasm. The unique design is in sharp contrast with the traditional vibrator.


        In particular, among the main significant advantages, it is worth pointing out:


        Hitachi Magic Wand


        It has the function of stimulating the external reproductive organs (labia, clitoris, nipples, anus), at the same time it can affect the internal sex organs, and has a massage effect.


        It reaches a record speed of 6000 rpm, which allows you to reach an orgasm in 2.5 minutes without penetrating the vagina!


        The vibrating massager can be used alone during sex with a partner (it can enhance the senses and perception). It can target both men and women.


        The device is made of multiple components: specially developed precision silicone, medical steel, ABS plastic. All these elements can have a particularly bright effect on the sex organs, thus producing a realistic touch effect.


        Ordinary vibrator


        No other, even the most advanced vibrator can combine 1-2 functions. At the same time, compared with Hitachi Magic Wand, it is still incomparable in terms of efficiency and sensitivity.


        If this function exists, the speed of the ordinary vibrator cannot exceed 1500 rpm.


        Traditional vibrators are very rare, but for masturbation, they can be unisex and can also be used during intercourse with relatives. However, the cost of such products is 3 times higher!


        The standard vibrator is made of one or two materials. However, in most cases, there is only one factor that affects the intimate area, which makes the process of caressing less pleasant.


        Of course, Hitachi Magic Wand is a unique development that will allow you to completely shift to a new level of intimacy, bringing you joy and simple feminine happiness-satisfaction. The device is very "smart". Functions include the mode of translational movement, imitating the friction of the penis; 10 kinds of pulsation and vibration modes. Relax and enjoy the pleasure of massage, masturbation or sexual intercourse!

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