Sex Toys Maintenance Guide


Nowadays, young people have a few sex toys in their homes more or less, whether they are single or couples, they add a lot of fun to life. Although it is cool to use, have you ever seen how to clean and store sex toys? If you do not pay attention to cleaning and storage issues, not only will shorten the life of the toy, it may even cause physical discomfort, inflammation and the like. Today I will talk to you about the cleaning and storage of sex toys.


1. Wash in time after use


No matter what the toy is and where it is used, it must be cleaned in time after each use. This will not only rinse off the body fluids attached to the toy in time, avoid the breeding of bacteria, and ensure the safety of the next use as much as possible, at the same time It can also extend the life of sex toys.


2. Be sure to clean before use


Even if you clean it after using it last time, most of the place where the toy is stored is dust, bacteria, etc., so it is necessary to rinse it before use.


3. Choose the right cleaning agent


For cleaning sex toys, the most common detergent is mild and fragrance-free soap, which is easily available in supermarkets. But if you have a lot of toys or are obsessed with cleanliness, then it is recommended to use a special cleaning and disinfecting solution, which is the safest and most effective for toys.


4. The toy to be put on the battery cannot be completely immersed in water


If the toy you are using is a kind of battery, there is probably a gap. If it is completely immersed in water, the water may enter the battery compartment along the gap and rust, causing poor contact. Generally, this kind of toy should be very careful when cleaning. For the cracks, only use a wet cloth to wipe. By the way, most of these toys consume electricity very quickly, and it is recommended to use rechargeable batteries.


5. Use lubricating fluid correctly


Common lubricating fluids are divided into water-based and silicon-based. Because of the similar compatibility principle, silicone toys will be corroded by the silicone-based lubricant, forming small pits invisible to the naked eye on the surface, which is easy to accumulate bacteria.


6. Use with sets


Although there are tens of millions of kinds of sex toys, when it comes to materials, they can be divided into two types: porous materials and non-porous materials. Non-porous materials refer to materials that cannot penetrate bacteria on the surface. Common non-porous materials include glass, silica gel, stainless steel, and porous materials are hard plastic, artificial skin, synthetic rubber, nylon, etc., which are easy to absorb bacteria. . Generally, it is introduced in the packaging box and manual of the toy. For toys made of porous materials, it is difficult to be completely sterile even after cleaning, so if necessary, use them with condoms as much as possible. (Recommended reading: A super detailed explanation of condom size, material, delay and female condom)


7. Put it in the storage bag


Almost all sex toys on the market are equipped with storage bags. After each use and cleaning, do not put them in the drawers at will. Be sure to put them in the bags first, and then hide them to isolate them from dust and bacteria as much as possible.


8. For toys that have been idle for a long time, remember to remove the battery


Everyone has the experience of things that have not been used for a long time, and the battery compartment has leaked and corroded. The same is true for sex toys. If you don't use it for a long time, you must take out the battery.