Glass sex toys, a display of beauty and pleasure


Every year more and more toys for erotic games are made of glass. This material is so interesting to use that thousands of people prefer it over latex or silicone. A variety of shapes, colors and sizes, as well as the easiest maintenance make glass toys very popular.


Pros of glass products


Glass forms seem fragile only at first glance. Sex toys are made of special borosilicate glass, which does not break and can withstand very heavy loads. Each piece is created so that the surface is perfectly smooth. Even if the product falls to the floor, there is no chance that cracks or chips will appear, and this guarantees complete safety. All toys are cast, there is no air inside, so it is impossible to crush a thing by pressing hard on it.


Phalluses made of glass, even if they have a ribbed surface, glide very easily during use. They can be used with any lubricant, they do not deteriorate from exposure to silicone, oil or water formulations. It is their smoothness that makes things very pleasant to use. They are suitable for vaginal and anal stimulation. The variety of shapes allows you to stimulate a variety of points.


Glass is absolutely non-porous material. It does not absorb any substances, therefore it is safe. After using the toy, you just need to wash it, and you can use it again. For cleaning, ordinary soap or dish detergent is enough. By the way, glass sex toys are dishwasher safe. No special disinfectants are required to care for the product.


Toy manufacturers do not recommend giving toys to anyone. For example, silicone can, if stored improperly, become a route to bacteria or infection. Such toys are considered to be individual. Glass phallus or butt plug can be used by different people. The item is completely safe, does not create the possibility of transmission of any diseases. It is only important to wash it after each use.


Glass never causes allergies. If other materials can cause irritation, the glass is completely neutral. And it is also odorless, does not absorb aromas from the space, which is also very important for many users.


How to use glass toys


You can use toys made of such an interesting material in any conditions. They are not afraid of water, you can easily take them with you to the bathroom. To make it more comfortable to use the product in liquid media, it is recommended to buy a silicone-based lubricant, it is not washed off with water.


You do not need to use a condom to use the glass phallus. And after use, you can store a thing anywhere. Glass items do not need to be sprinkled with talcum powder, put in special soft bags.


Glass keeps the temperature well, it can be heated or cooled. These games will help you feel something special. And to do this, you just need to lower the toy for a while in hot or cold water. Then the product will return to ambient temperature for about 15-20 minutes.


Types of glass toys


Today, a variety of phalluses can be purchased from glass. Long and short, wide and narrow, with vibration , reversible - they are suitable for any kind of stimulation. There are curved models, they are ideal for affecting the G-spot and toys with restraints are ideal for lovers of anal sex.


Butt plugs made of glass are not only a convenient product, but also very beautiful. The variety of colors allows you to choose something unusual. Some models are even created from 2, 3 colors, which is quite funny.


Many glass items have a ribbed surface. Pimples, grooves are created using a special technology. There is not a single sharp corner on the product, all the details are very smooth and pleasant to the touch.


Today you can even buy vaginal balls made of this material . They are suitable for pleasure and vaginal muscle training. And anal balls will make sexual intimacy more interesting and intense.


One has only to buy a toy made of glass once, and this material will become one of the most beloved. The use of these products will help to significantly diversify intimate life, bring new erotic notes to relationships.