From mini vibrators to giant ones


Vibrators have long ceased to be a symbol of perversion and sexual impotence because today they are devices that allow many to learn completely new sensations. When choosing a vibrator many believe that the main factor is its shape or the presence of a certain number of vibration modes. However, this is not a complete list of fundamental parameters, because the size of the product is also important. For beginners in using vibrators, mini vibrators are ideal, because they are small in size and provide comfort during use. For those who seek to get the maximum unknown pleasure, vibrators of giant sizes are offered, but in order to diversify sexual relations and bring novelty, you can try multifunctional or anal vibrators. However, here it is important to remember that when using large vibrators, some difficulties may arise, because such devices are not entirely convenient to use, have little functionality, lubricants.


Consider the basic models of vibrators, which differ in size and determine what features each of them have.


Mini vibrators are small-sized products that are designed to stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones that are not located deep. The main advantage of mini vibrators is their compactness, lightness and noiselessness, despite the power, and therefore such devices can be used anywhere and carried in a purse or even a wallet. You can use the mini-vibrator both for self-satisfaction and during sexual games with a partner as foreplay. Today mini vibrators are available to everyone not only in a simple and familiar form but also with a ribbed surface.


mini vibrators which is 12 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. Such a vibrator is made of high-quality and pleasant-to-touch material and is also equipped with a multi-speed vibration function, which is controlled using a wheel built into the product. 


Standard sized vibrators are vibrators that are 14-20 cm long and are great for vaginal stimulation. Standard vibrators fully match the size of a realistic male genital organ and on lonely nights can replace a partner or bring a zest of variety to sexual games.


Giant vibrators are products, the length of which varies from 22 cm and more, the diameter is from 6-7 cm, which has long been of considerable interest to the fair sex. And all this is not without reason, because vibrators of gigantic sizes are able to give new sensations and, up to a certain point, an unknown feeling of real bliss.