Five knowledge points for choosing condoms


There are really many types of condoms on the market, from 003 to 002 to 001, as well as graphene condoms, hyaluronic acid condoms, granular thread condoms... There are simply more choices and more joy.


But you might think: Isn’t condoms just for safety? Why are there so many tricks? But when you have a more comprehensive understanding of condoms, a new world door will open to you.


1. Is there a condom size?


Yes, it is. This may be a bit unfamiliar to you who are used to buying one-size condoms because most of the common condoms on the market are medium-sized.


The medium size means that the fully expanded length of the condom is 18cm~20cm, and the nominal width (width) is 55±2mm. It must be carefully popularized here. The 55±2mm written on the general package does not refer to the diameter. This value refers to half of the circumference. The measurement will have an error of about 2mm, so the general label is 55±2mm.


If you are not sure what size you should choose, you can use a soft ruler to measure around the middle of the hard penis or find a rope to make a circle, and then use a ruler to measure the length of the rope. Divide the value by 2 to get the width. Pay attention to the size of the package next time you buy, you can avoid the problem of the condom not fitting with the penis.


The reason why the size of condoms is so emphasized is that too tight or too loose will cause problems. Just like "When sprinting, I found that the running shoes that I was wearing were too big and did not follow the foot and caused them to fall off, or they were too small to cause injury."


A condom that is too large may cause the fluid to overflow during sex and increase the pregnancy rate. "Condom rupture" is one of the main problems caused by too small condoms.


2. Is the thinner the better?


Sex is a matter of the closer the better. The closer and closer, the more intense the feeling of fit.


Every time the thickness of the "condom" decreases by 0.01mm, the comfort level of men will increase by 20%. As a result, major brands have printed "ultra-thin", "zero-feeling", "003", "002", and "001" on the condom packaging... It is said that there are also hydrogel condoms that are more stimulating than not wearing them. In short, the "soul" of condoms lies in the material.


At present, 90% of condoms on the market are made of "natural latex rubber", but about 8% of people (male and female) are allergic to rubber materials, and they cannot use this type of condom. What should I do? There is also a condom made of polyurethane material, which is very friendly to people who are allergic to latex.


This material can be "ultra-thin" to 0.01, which is close to the thickness of soap bubbles, breaking through the 0.036 mm limit of latex condoms. Like Okamoto's 001, it is made of this material. Although the disadvantage is that the elasticity cannot reach the level of natural latex, 001 is still a must-have choice for those who are looking for "a little closer".


Besides, natural latex rubber condoms cannot be used with oil-based lubricants, which will melt the condoms, which is equivalent to wearing white, but polyurethane condoms can.


So when you want a better lubrication effect and want to choose an oil-based lubricant, you must use a condom made of polyurethane.


Many people complain that when the condom is opened, it smells tangy and rubbery, and it is full of silicone oil, and there is always a feeling of uncleanliness after it is finished. In fact, many condoms now use hyaluronic acid lubricant, which not only tastes fresh and scent, but also has a protective effect on women. I will talk about this later.


3. What should I do if 001 is not stimulating enough?


In addition to changes in thickness, is there any way to increase the stimulation coefficient during sex?


"Inside" is very hot, which is a fatal temptation for men. When it comes to heat, you have to talk about graphene condoms with excellent thermal conductivity.


Graphene, a new type of nanomaterial, has better thermal conductivity than diamond, 200 times higher fracture strength than the best steel, and has good elasticity. This graphene condom from Bilal is made by adding graphene to natural latex rubber. What kind of experience is it to have sex on it?


That is, when the penis enters the vagina, there is a feeling of "burning one's body". Therefore, many people say that graphene condoms are currently the most comfortable ones. If you haven't tried it yet, you can start with one and feel the comfort of "as if you forgot to wear a condom".


What about women? Approximately 30% of women said that it is difficult for them to orgasm is simple friction. Condoms with particles or threads increase the contact area and coefficient of friction during sex. Although men’s movements are the same as before, they feel completely different from women.


However, it should be emphasized that only when the penis is sufficiently hard, can you experience what it means to be "different" by wearing this type of condom. Trying the pellet thread condom in a soft and lying state is a bit useless.


4. What should I do if it is easy to "disarm" in advance?


Stimulating sex is good, but if the penis is too sensitive to stimulation and it is easy to "disarm" in advance, it may feel like "not having fun" or "not having enough".


If you are a man with sensitive glans, it is not recommended to choose a condom with a too-thin body. You can choose a time-delay condom, such as the Shibui time-delay condom. This type of condom generally has a time delay agent added inside to achieve the time delay effect by reducing the sensitivity of the head tortoise.


Other time-delay condoms reduce the sensitivity of the glans by increasing the thickness of the condom, thereby prolonging the sex time. This kind of functional condom is good to choose according to your needs, and use it to have more hearty and lasting sex than usual.


5. Can condoms also be used for flirting?


Of course! If you think that a condom is just a contraceptive tool, and you are done with it, then you have lost the important part of flirting during sex. The key to a condom being a "flirting tool" is that the condom is designed to be humane.


Some sisters said: I also want to put on a condom while I talk, but I can’t get rid of the smell of silicone oil... However, choosing the right condom will not have this embarrassment.


Nowadays, many condoms use a hyaluronic acid lubricant. In addition to the excellent lubricating effect, it can also effectively maintain privacy. If you want to wear a condom while enjoying your mouth, you must try it. The taste is very friendly. It can be said that sisters love it!


Besides, when the piston can't be shot for a long time, girls sometimes choose to use oral sex or masturbation to "live". However, condoms after intense exercise often have a stronger smell of silicone oil, and the condom will be sweet when taken off privately. It is not necessary to clean or wipe it halfway, and you can continue oral sex after taking it off.


For those of you who feel that wearing a condom interrupts sex, you may know why I highly recommend it after trying it.


Having said that, which one do you like best? In fact, as long as you want to, try different types of condoms as much as it is a way to add freshness to sex.


After some rain and cloud, it’s also a good choice to hug and talk about how the new condom I chose today feels like. Any slight difference will bring new feelings to Ai Ai, and such a simple conversation will also make you understand each other better. Like it.