First-time sex: Tips for Beginners


Sex is a wonderful life experience that helps people get along, explore each other, and may stimulate our feelings. However, don't forget that this will also cause deep regrets, disappointments and problems in our hearts. In any case, for your first sexual experience, you need to be physically and mentally prepared. Moreover, you should not treat it as a daily activity, entertainment.


Never be afraid to talk about sex with your child. Protect them or yourself from the desire for this sensitive topic, all of which can lead to disastrous consequences. Never allow our children to experience sexual joy and sadness alone. Only creating the right impression can help them become better, relax, and establish a trustworthy and friendly connection between you.


Maybe someone will react inappropriately or even positively. However, during adolescence, it is recommended that your child begin to understand themselves through sex toys and self-satisfaction (masturbation). Of course, the fact of the concern is that this is not the main content. However, this is a beginning that needs to be continued! Further talk about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and sexual behaviour without contraception.


Protection method


The point is the protection method you will use. It is especially important to remember that modern contraceptive measures are strictly subdivided into:


  • For heterosexual couples;
  • For gay couples.


First of all, it should be considered that the view of the safety of both partners is wrong. The man shared the responsibilities equally with her. At the elementary level, the condom should always be with her and him.


I'm sure most people have common sense. It is best for everyone to prepare in advance and consider unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Then you can make important decisions for yourself. As statistics show, in a tenth of partners, seven partners rely on another partner to provide protection, all of which can lead to serious and unpleasant consequences.


Master skills


Many times you will hear the argument that wearing a condom for sex will significantly reduce sensitivity, so it is best not to use it for the first time. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. On the contrary, if you really care about comfort (especially for girls), using condoms can not only protect you from unintended pregnancy but also lower your pain threshold.


The fact is that condoms are known to have lubricants that can significantly lower the pain threshold. In fact, only when both sexes are ready, the quality and pleasure of sex life will appear. No need to be embarrassed and afraid of each other.




Understandably, in the process of sex, especially in the first sexual life, all attention is focused on the main things. But when a young boy and girl try for the first time, they need to keep in touch with each other. Talking in bed helps to enhance self-confidence and relaxation. Of course, there is no need to discuss friends and girlfriends. But don’t be afraid to ask your partner how he feels, what he wants, if it hurts him, and if he wants to change his position. Such dialogues are useful, they will help you understand each other, coordinate and feel the same rhythm!


Periodic inspection


This move is aimed at people who have passed the first sexual act. If you have unprotected sex, be sure to take the test. Visit a gynaecologist to check if you have a sexually transmitted disease. Early treatment can save you a lot of troubles and troubles.


Final words


Sex is a wonderful experience. It ignited a person like everyone else. But at the same time, as mentioned above, sex may cause you pain and emotional distress. For this reason, it is very important to properly prepare for your first intimate experience. Most importantly, it is recommended that you have sex with a partner you trust and know for the first time. Therefore, you can overcome many obstacles and fears, unpleasant feelings, and get new, positive but not yet explored feelings!