First anal sex. Information for beginners


There is an opinion that anal sex gives more vivid sensations than traditional sex. There is a simple explanation for this fact. The woman's anus is rather narrow. Therefore, the male genital organ is tightly wrapped around the muscles located in the sphincter area.


Before engaging in anal sex with a partner, you should think about the possible adverse consequences of such a step. Some of them are listed below:


  • the appearance of hemorrhoidal cones;
  • the appearance of small cracks on the walls of the intestine;
  • stretching the walls of an organ such as the rectum;
  • the occurrence of infectious diseases.


Mutual agreement


To engage in anal sex, you need a mutual desire of a man and a woman. Partners must fully trust each other. A woman should not follow the wishes of a man if the very thought of anal sex is unpleasant for her.


Preliminary preparation


Before the first anal sex, you can do an enema. Also, a woman is advised to pre-stretch the sphincter muscles a little using a special small plug.


Lubricant application


Lubrication is necessary to facilitate the sliding of the penis into the anus. There are many gels on sale that are designed specifically for anal sex. The composition of such lubricants contains substances that activate the process of tissue repair and dull painful sensations. It should be remembered that the effect of pain relief gels begins approximately 10 minutes after application.




It is recommended to use a condom when engaging in anal sex. Otherwise, you can get an infection. If there is irritation or small cracks on the partner's penis, microbes can easily enter the bloodstream.


Important! You should not switch to traditional sex after anal. Microbes from the intestines can enter the vagina, which can provoke serious complications. Therefore, after anal sex, you need to take a shower, and after that return to sexual games.


Delicate handling


A man should insert his penis into the anus very carefully, slowly. This will eliminate the occurrence of injuries.


During the first anal sex, pain often occurs. If your partner asks to stop, you do not need to insist on continuing intimacy. It must be remembered that the first anal sex will be simple and easy only with preliminary preparation and sufficient stretching.




For the first anal sex, one should prepare not only physically, but also mentally. Relaxing effect is provided by:


  • melodic music;
  • massage;
  • a small amount of alcohol.


Especially susceptible women can take a sedative pill before a new sexual experience.


Unusual sensations


During the first anal sex, a woman may think that she wants to go to the toilet. This is a natural body reaction that goes away after about 5 minutes. A similar sensation arises because if there is a foreign object in the anus, an instinctive desire appears to push it out.




Anal sex is contraindicated in the following cases:


  • the partner suffers from diarrhoea or constipation;
  • a woman or man has been diagnosed with HIV infection;
  • the partner has injuries in the intestinal area. In this case, even minor damage can lead to disastrous consequences (up to surgery).


In conclusion, it should be noted that the first anal sex can be accompanied by painful sensations. But do not immediately give up such love pleasures. It is recommended to engage in anal sex no more than 1-2 times a week. The woman's body will gradually get used to new sensations, the elasticity of the sphincter muscles will increase.